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The year-end marketing mode of major home furnishing enterprises has changed quietly

the year-end marketing mode of major home furnishing enterprises has changed quietly

December 11, 2014

[China paint information] from the end of the year, major home furnishing enterprises have acted repeatedly and are attracting customers in different ways. In order to show a beautiful "report card" at the end of the year, businesses have increased incentives to strive for a perfect ending. Taking advantage of the final stage at the end of 2014, when Christmas and new year's day are approaching, businesses are riveted to carry out various promotional activities

there are many kinds of promotions at the end of the year

just entering December, the war that has impacted the performance of this year appears to be filled with smoke of gunpowder: on the weekend of December 6 and 7, all shopping malls of Red Star Macalline launched the "stay at home, let love warm" love home day promotion, a large number of popular home "warm price", and launched "warm package" for all kinds of house types of large, small and medium-sized; Chengwaicheng home launched the last large-scale explosion promotion of the year this weekend, and achieved quite good results. Jimei home furnishing also refused to be outdone. It presented consumers with a "naked benefit feast" from December 8 to 14, and more than 1000 special products appeared. From December 13 to 14, red star Macalline Chaoyang Road shopping mall just ushered in the third anniversary celebration, and launched the activity of purchasing furniture and building materials with a single paid in amount of more than 5000 yuan, which not only reduced 500 yuan, but also received another 300 yuan gas card. Although the incredibly home has not yet opened any activities, the person in charge revealed that it will also launch profit making activities to consumers in late December

in addition to home shopping malls, home decoration companies have also launched year-end promotional activities. Unexpectedly, home music house will carry out year-end benefits throughout December. For example, paying a deposit of 500 yuan can offset the main material payment of 1000 yuan, the software and hardware of the integrated home and construction contract amount up to 3:1 of the electronic universal experimental machine, and sending the electronic card of 10% of the main material of home music house in the first phase of construction, etc. Today, decoration will also launch the last 2014 grand finale beyond the most well-known graphite and diamond on December 27, and ten new partial decoration packages will be released

the marketing mode is gradually changing

the reasons for this phenomenon are various. As the new year is approaching, many enterprises will play the family card in sales promotion and use "warmth" to innovate marketing, such as the "love home day" of Red Star Macalline. Some are taking advantage of the double "twelve" trend, such as the new shopping mode of "online reservation and offline experience" of Jimei home. Nowadays, the forms of activities are becoming more and more diverse. Liu Yang, deputy general manager of chengwaicheng home, said that this blasting activity is not just a promotion, but the use of experimental data that can automatically calculate the maximum experimental force value, breaking force value and other experimental data, integrate big data, build brand alliances, guide merchant marketing, carry out exhibitor training and other ways to form a "full marketing" pattern. Li Xuanxuan, deputy manager of the operation and Management Department of incredibly home, said that simple lottery and buy give promotions can no longer meet consumers, and new models should be gradually adopted, such as cooperating with merchants to launch landing activities. "In fact, the initiative of marketing is not in stores, but more in Merchants, so we should strengthen the brand construction of merchants, so as to bring passenger flow." Huang Chichun, general manager of keaido children's furniture, believes that in the year-end activities, merchants will generally make some profit concessions on the basis of store promotions, but more importantly, they will emphasize and spread the consumption concept in the activities, "profit concessions are the first place, but also let consumers learn how to choose goods in the process of purchase."

■ consumption tips

consumption at the end of the year: don't let low prices hurt interests

ZHU Changling, President of China Furniture Association, reminded consumers that when shopping at the end of the year, they should also pay attention to the comprehensive consideration of quality, cost performance, after-sales service and other factors, rather than blindly pursuing low prices. At present, zhangzhijun, assistant general manager of decoration, reminded consumers of decoration at the end of the year that the discount of merchants signing orders at the end of the year is large, and the quality of materials is easy to be inspected for cross year decoration. However, during the Spring Festival shutdown, it is necessary to pay attention to the cross year decoration schedule, sign the shutdown agreement, and pay attention to the protection of the construction site

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