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Key customers of Shanghai muck truck company paid a return visit to Shaanxi Automobile Company

key customers of Shanghai muck truck company paid a return visit to Shaanxi Automobile Company

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on October 11, key customers from Shanghai muck truck company came to Shaanxi Automobile for a visit, and the yellow for green project team, service department, Tianxingjian and other staff received them warmly

due to its special geographical location and economic status, Shanghai has a very large logistics volume. It is a major market for heavy truck tractors, and it is also a must for all heavy truck production enterprises. Shaanxi Automobile attaches great importance to the expansion of the Shanghai market, especially since this year, it has increased the publicity and promotion of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck brand in Shanghai, such as fixture, caravan interactive roadshow and truck GFRP anchor rod tensile testing machine. In addition to being used for the detection of this material, stunt experience camp activities, carefully organize dealers and customers' test drive activities, and carry out technical exchanges and product promotion meetings with the help of the alliance, The influence and popularity of Shaanxi Automobile New M3000 tractor in East China have been greatly improved

in recent years, China's urban construction and transformation have an increasing demand for muck trucks. The existing urban muck trucks have a single shape and are easy to throw muck. Coupled with the increasingly serious harm of haze weather to the urban environment, urban environmental governance has been widely valued by the society. The disadvantages of "throwing, sprinkling, leaving and leaking" of old muck trucks have also become one of the reasons for urban haze. With the acceleration of Shanghai's urban transformation in recent years, the special-shaped copper belt of the Shanghai municipal government is the lsquo of our company; Supply side reform rsquo; The requirements for urban muck trucks are also increasingly new, and new methods will provide low-cost solutions for metals or traditional composites. In this regard, starting from the vehicle operation characteristics and market requirements, and in view of the particularity of Shanghai, Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. has created a new environmentally friendly, safe and intelligent muck truck, redefined the new standard of urban muck truck, and become a city ambassador to remove fog and haze

in front of the 4S store of the sales company, the staff of the yellow for green project team gave a 360 ° walkaround explanation to the Shanghai customers on the new environmentally friendly muck truck, which was introduced in detail from three aspects: environmental protection, safety and intelligence

in the conference room, the relevant personnel of the service department and CCCC Tianjian company introduced the advantages of Shaanxi Automobile Company and the relevant contents of Tianxing Jianche service system to the visiting key customers

the staff of the yellow for green project team introduced in detail to the leaders attending the meeting the "Shaanxi Automobile new environmental protection Urban muck vehicle comprehensive solution", including vehicle procurement, technology upgrading, service guarantee, logistics and fleet management, financial services, etc., Shaanxi Automobile provides comprehensive service solutions for key customers of Shanghai muck vehicle company

subsequently, the two sides conducted sincere communication and exchange. Shanghai customers had a discussion and exchange on a series of issues of concern, such as product configuration and price, economy, power and service of muck trucks

Shaan Auto's new environmentally friendly muck truck will definitely lead the consumption orientation of the muck industry and ignite sales. At the same time, in order to prevent and control air pollution, start green muck transportation, return the city to a blue sky, and return the people to a pure land, so as to contribute to becoming a greener, environmentally friendly, and livable new city

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