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Maitu group launched a new polyurethane rigid foam surfactant

maitu high tech materials group, a world-renowned special materials enterprise, recently launched a polyurethane rigid foam surfactant named niax*silicone-6891. Niax* silicone l-6891 can improve the thermal insulation performance of foam, especially suitable for refrigerators and refrigerators

the test shows that using niax silicone l-6891 can produce a good foam flow, reduce the generation of bubbles, improve the density distribution and surface quality, so as to reduce the thermal conductivity of foam that accelerates the renewal of plastic granulator technology

Tony lanchak, global business director of polyurethane additives Department of maitu group, said: "maitu has developed new technologies for the polyurethane field for more than 70 years, and this year is no exception. The company's newly launched niax series 3. Surfactants can improve the surface quality and reduce the thermal conductivity of rigid foam materials without doing experiments for a long time."

at the beginning of this month, maitu launched eight niax series products at the polyurethane exhibition held in Shanghai, and plans to hold a soft foam technology seminar. Tony, due to the wide range of utilization of the functional diversity of injection molding equipment, lanchak will serve as the vice chairman of the 2012 meeting and the chairman in 2013

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