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Major events of coating enterprises in August

major events of coating enterprises in August

September 1, 2020

Xuan Wei opened the 53 foot container "oil to water" initiative

April 1, 2020, which is the start time of the overall oil and water ban for 53 foot containers in the entire container industry. As an environmental protection pioneer in the coating industry, Xuanwei has always been committed to helping the green coating process of the container industry through product technology innovation. Especially in the field of 53 foot containers, since 2016, Xuanwei has continuously made breakthroughs in key technologies. In May 2020, Xuanwei took the lead in implementing large-scale waterborne coating for 53 foot containers, filling the gap in the application of waterborne coating in this field. In June, Xuanwei completed the production of 75 53 foot water-borne containers in Taicang Zhongji. After acceptance, it fully meets the standards of Xiangdong and the factory. In July, Xuanwei received an order for 1000 53 foot containers from CIMC Xinhui. So far, 400 53 foot containers have been put off the production line, all of which use Xuanwei water-based container coating products

AkzoNobel's decorative paint factory in China achieved full water-based production

on August 13, AkzoNobel announced that it would invest 26million yuan to rebuild and expand its Guangzhou decorative paint factory. After the completion of the project, the factory will fully produce water-based decorative paint, and the output will increase from 88 million liters/year to 140 million liters/year. The factory adopts more intelligent advanced automatic production process, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The closed pipeline production also greatly reduces the generation of peculiar smell, further improves the production environment and makes production safer. This transformation and upgrading will become an important milestone for AkzoNobel to realize the full production of water-based decorative paint in China

zhanchen new materials intelligent manufacturing of water-based coatings was selected into the "2020 Guangdong intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project"

on August 17, the "domestic intelligent manufacturing demonstration project of water-based coatings" of Zhuhai zhanchen new materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "zhanchen new materials") was successfully selected into the 2020 Guangdong intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project. The selection of zhanchen new material's "domestic water-based coating intelligent manufacturing demonstration project" is a positive affirmation for the company to actively promote intelligent manufacturing and realize digital transformation, and will also provide strong support for zhanchen new material to strengthen its competitive advantage

On August 21, zhanchen industrial coatings launched the solution of "waterborne rust to rust primer". The product is in contact with the steel surface with iron oxide (Fe2O3 red rust) and iron tetroxide (Fe3O4 black rust). Through the corrosion inhibition mechanism of chemical conversion film phase, rust and oxide scale are naturally transformed, and a tight antirust film layer is formed, with superimposed protection, Truly achieve the effect of turning corruption into magic. It is suitable for rust coating of steel structures, maintenance and recoating of plants and mechanical equipment, renovation of rusted colored steel tiles, and occasions where it is difficult to thoroughly polish and remove rust

Baota Mountain paint launched water-based environmental protection products to help municipal construction

1) special paint for water-based color coating board, breaking the gene of poor water resistance of previous water-based paint. After its film is completely dry, it is continuously immersed in water for 10 days, and the surface of the film is still intact; In the face of acid rain and ultraviolet challenges, the salt water resistance ≥ 48 hours, and the artificial climate aging resistance ≥ 200 hours, fully ensuring the waterproof performance of the paint film

2) for the special paint for water-based mechanical equipment, the coke market shows an overall stable and partial decline pattern. It is a single component special environmental protection paint for water-based mechanical equipment, which is composed of water-based modified alkyd resin, pigment, water-based additives, deionized water, etc. the products are divided into two types: water-based alkyd primer and water-based alkyd enamel, which can be applied in roller coating, spraying, brush coating and other coating methods. It has extremely fast drying, excellent water resistance, excellent film thickness and weather resistance, and meets the coating needs of the mechanical equipment industry

3) the special paint for water-based frame pipe is a one component water-based environmental protection antirust paint composed of a water-based functional protective lotion, antirust pigments and fillers, imported additives and deionized water. The solid content of the special paint for water-based frame pipe of Baota Mountain paint is ≥ 55%. At the same time, the product coating rate is as high as 8~10 per square/kg during the coating operation, which not only ensures the quality of the paint film, but also greatly saves the light haze of the protective coating. It is a measure of the turbid appearance of the film

4) water based primer is a one component coating composed of modified acrylic lotion, water-resistant additives, water, etc. It has excellent environmental protection and weather resistance, as well as good adhesion, water resistance, dryness, easy to use, and can be constructed in various forms. It is widely used in road edges, car blocking piles, toll booths, road guardrails, car blockers and other scenes

sankeshu became the exclusive supplier of official coatings for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games

on August 6, the press conference of the exclusive supplier of official coatings for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games was held in the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee park to jointly overcome difficulties. Sankeshu coating Co., Ltd. has officially become the exclusive supplier of official coatings for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games

On August 20, aishide paint system released a breakthrough water-based varnish solution in the Chinese market. As an important step in the comprehensive hydration of automotive touch up paint, this new water-based varnish product inherits the concept of sustainable development of aiside and integrates the cutting-edge water-based paint technology, aiming to meet the higher demand for water-based touch up paint in the automotive touch up paint market

carbolli water-based skin paint is listed in contact with blood vessels, cardiac assist devices, Urology, neurovascular, gastrointestinal diseases, plastic surgery, wound care, tooth correction, venous treatment, etc.

in recent years, skin effect has become rapidly popular in China, especially in the field of high-end customization, skin effect is regarded as the golden partner of light luxury customized furniture, and skin effect paint has naturally become a new outlet of furniture paint. Carpoly furniture paint grasps the trend and takes advantage of the trend. The R & D team has successfully developed a new water-based skin paint with excellent environmental protection and effect through the research on the Italian skin effect and the inspiration from the tactile ink. Through the lean formula design, it has achieved the extremely dumb effect of about 3 ° and the soft feeling of leather

Jitai shares help Qinghai steel structure industry "oil to water"

on August 21, Jitai shares joined hands with Qinghai steel structure industry association to hold a "oil to water" green coating high-end salon in Xining. With Jitai's service experience in the field of steel structure, professional technology, high-quality water-based paint team, successful water-based paint products and cases help Qinghai solve pain points and difficulties, and through the efficient and environmental protection of upstream and downstream industries of steel structure, Jointly protect the beautiful soil and water in Qinghai

Nippon participated in the construction of the 528 meter high-rise CITIC Building "chinazun"

Nippon project provides an integrated whole system solution, stable quality coating products and efficient construction services for the delivery of "chinazun". According to the functional requirements of different areas of chinazun, it provides a whole system coating solution, such as a tough crack proof outer wall, an environment-friendly and fire-resistant inner wall, and a dust-proof and durable ground, Help this "Ninth Five Year Plan supreme" from appearance to long-term business use experience, from inside to outside, long-term as new, emitting dazzling brilliance

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