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Major aerospace projects will be fully implemented

the third civil aerospace work conference and the national space application promotion and exchange conference jointly held by the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense and the national development and Reform Commission recently came out: "in the first two years of the Eleventh Five year plan, China's aerospace development work has started well. Next, the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense will comprehensively implement the aerospace development plan for the three years after the eleventh five year plan.", The specific work is mainly reflected in the comprehensive implementation of six major projects due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries

implement major projects in an all-round way: first of all, we should do a good job in project demonstration, and carry out in-depth demonstration of the second and third phases of lunar exploration, high-resolution earth observation system, Beidou satellite navigation and positioning system and other projects, so as to strive for project approval as soon as possible; Pay close attention to the organization and implementation of the projects that have been approved, pay close attention to the development of the basic project of the new generation of carrier rockets, and ensure the completion of the development plan nodes during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period; We should do a good job in the early stage of tackling key and core technologies involved in major projects, and overcome a number of key common technologies and core technologies that are overall and driving

promote the project approval, development and launch of various satellites: promote the project approval of high-resolution stereo mapping satellites, FY-2 even after flame retardant treatment, 03 batches of meteorological satellites, FY-4 new geostationary meteorological satellites and new marine satellites as soon as possible; It is necessary to complete the compliance of three satellites, namely, the resource-1 03 satellite, the ocean-2 satellite, the FengYun-3 meteorological satellite and the environmental disaster reduction small satellite constellation, with enterprise standards, industry standards and international standards; Research and launch mission

effectively promote the process of satellite application and aerospace Industrialization: we should vigorously expand satellite application and promote the process of aerospace industrialization from the aspects of satellite ground system construction, satellite application technology research, application demonstration and promotion

strengthen the pre research of civil aerospace and enhance the technical reserve: aim at the forefront of future high-tech development, and focus on promoting the research and application of new concepts, new principles, new methods, new materials, new devices and new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, which should be basically consistent without obvious color difference, but do not specify the essence of lime sand bricks; We will focus on breaking through bottlenecks such as large satellite antennas, laser communications, high-resolution earth observation satellite payloads, and advanced delivery technologies, so as to lay a technical foundation for the sustainable development of the aerospace industry; Strive to increase the design life of the sun synchronous orbit satellite from the current 2-3 years to 4-5 years, and the life of the geostationary orbit satellite from the current 8 years to 15 years of stable operation

strengthen the government's management and basic capacity-building of Aerospace: encourage social funds to enter the aerospace field, promote the diversification of investment subjects and investment and financing channels, and encourage aerospace enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities to increase investment in independent research and development; Actively promote the transformation of aerospace high technology into society, and actively absorb advanced and applicable technologies from society into the aerospace field; Improve the coordination and operation mechanism of military civilian integration, and realize resource and information sharing; We will strive to solve the problems of pollution, energy consumption and insecurity in the development and production of aerospace products, and reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by more than 20%

constantly expand international space exchanges and cooperation: in the next three years, we will complete the development and launch of the China Russia joint Mars Phobos exploration project and establish a representative office in Russia; Expand cooperation with Europe, give play to the role of the joint laboratory exchange platform, and start the main research and development work of the Sino French space astronomy and ocean observation satellite projects; China Pakistan earth resources 03 satellite was launched to promote the application and promotion of satellite remote sensing data in the Asia Pacific region and Africa

: the satellite application industry has increased by 25% a year.

the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense and the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued several opinions on promoting the development of the satellite application industry a few days ago, making it clear that during the eleventh Five Year Plan period, efforts will be made to establish a professional and integrated independent remote sensing satellite application and service system; Strengthen the promotion and application of satellite data, products and systems with independent property rights; Strengthen the construction of satellite application standard system; Increase support for the infrastructure construction of satellite application industry; Strengthen the support of science and technology and R & D investment related to satellite application and industrialization; Encourage social investment and enterprises to participate in satellite applications. By 2020, more than 10 stable business systems will be built, including communication, navigation, ocean, meteorology, environment and disaster reduction, water conservancy, land, agriculture, forestry, and distance education. The localization rate of satellite ground equipment will reach 80%, forming a number of enterprise groups centered on large satellite application Enterprises, and the average annual growth rate of satellite application industry will reach 25%

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