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Major domestic PVC manufacturers plan to limit production

Canghua group: it has planned to limit production. First of all, starting from the old factory calcium carbide process, which is the relevant knowledge about the characteristics of the ring stiffness testing machine shared by technicians. If the market is still not improved, it may further involve the capacity of the new area, which has not been implemented yet; Beierhua: due to raw materials and market problems, the actual output per day is only 200 tons, only half of the original

further improve the market competitiveness

Qilu Petrochemical: due to cost pressure and market operation difficulties, the manufacturer began to plan to limit production. If the market still does not improve, it is estimated that the production limit will be achieved soon, and the production limit will reach 30%, reducing the market share of 6000 tons/month. It is reported that the manufacturer has established a new brand adjustment to improve product quality, allowing yuan to leave the factory (acceptance within 6 months)

Jiangsu HuaSu: the purchase price of VCM monomer in October was US $360 (CFR China's main port), but due to the continuous decline of PVC, the cost is still high and the pressure is high. According to the current situation, the rigidity of the host is low. If the raw material price in November does not fall to US $330, the device will be limited or discontinued

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