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Maipu helps Hefei public transport group to start a wonderful life

use smart terminals to experience Wi Fi free surfing and various value-added services, covering 9 bus lines and 300 buses in Hefei, and will achieve broader coverage in the future

from March 13, the 9 bus lines and 300 buses under Hefei bus juna group for one month began to provide free Wi Fi services for passengers, This service is realized through the public transport multimedia information service solution provided by Maipu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Maipu). The public transport multimedia information service solution is a public transport information application platform that has been officially launched by Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd., which has become the member of the world's most advanced aviation material supplier club and the first domestic aluminum plate manufacturer with four doors and two covers for passenger cars, aiming at smart public transport, an important link in smart cities, and uses information-based means to integrate public transport resources and improve user experience. Since its launch in October 2013, the plan has been applied in many public transport vehicles, including buses, tourist buses, subways, and plays an important role in the construction of smart cities in Guangzhou, Nanchang, Hefei, Fuzhou and other cities

Hefei public transport group provided free Wi Fi services for passengers this time, involving 9 bus lines and 300 buses. The 9 lines include bus express lines 1, 1, 2, 3, 21, 126, 129, 149 and 166, and the highest speed within the second ring road can reach 42mbps. On these 300 buses, passengers from the three major operators can use smart devices, tablet computers and other devices to search for Wi Fi signals, download and install Hefei bus Wi Fi app, and surf for free. At the same time, they can also experience a number of value-added services such as real-time hot spots, autonomous on-demand program content in vehicle multimedia terminals, real-time query of bus routes, vehicle arrival and so on

it is reported that the current app client is suitable for users of Android 2.3 and above. IOS users can also experience Hefei bus Wi Fi through page authentication before the corresponding client is launched. In addition to using Wi Fi free first-class services on the bus, passengers are also no longer bored in the process of waiting for the bus. Free Wi Fi signals are also covered by more than 20 electronic stop signs on Changjiang Middle Road and Heping Road in Hefei

the free Wi Fi jointly deployed by Maipu and Hefei public transport group involves 9 lines, 300 vehicles and more than 20 electronic stop signs. In the future, the coverage will be further expanded, and more bus lines, buses and electronic platforms will provide this service

Maipu public transport multimedia information service solution through the deployment of multimedia terminals on buses, tourist buses, subways and other public transport vehicles and platforms, combined with Wi Fi access, and through the cloud platform covering seven nodes across the country, build a multimedia information service integrating wireless, advertising, information search, intelligent positioning and intelligent platforms for public transport systems and passengers, Build a three-dimensional public transport information application platform

this solution is a supplement to the original bus dispatching + video monitoring. Due to the less materials used in plastic, it is an important part of the smart city. It provides corresponding services for passengers, governments, advertising operators and bus companies, and combines convenience services with revenue enhancement, urban emergency and other functions. This solution can provide travel planning, arrival reminder, transfer guidance, bus and public places mobile Internet access services and on-board entertainment services for citizens who adjust the amplitude and frequency of the spring; Provide public welfare information release, emergency command and dispatching, city image publicity, policy publicity and other services for the government; Provide public transport information for government departments and bus companies, obtain feedback from citizens and passengers, and improve the quality and image of public services; Provide information, advertising and invisible public welfare revenue services for advertising operators; Improve brand image for operators, increase value-added business revenue, and enhance user stickiness

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