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Maiwo medical was invited to attend the 2018 Shanghai International Rehabilitation assistive device industry innovation forum

2018 Shanghai International Rehabilitation assistive device industry innovation forum site

this forum was jointly sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, Shanghai Qingpu District People's government, and Shanghai Donghao Lansheng group. Around the conference theme of "great love is boundless, innovation is not excluded", it is divided into three sub forums for product technology innovation Conduct in-depth exploration at different levels such as market application layout and capital system

in recent years, scientific and technological research and development progress in the medical and health exhibition industry has been particularly significant. At the China International Import Expo, global industry giants such as, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Bayer, Philips, Medtronic, Novo Nordisk, and Thermo Fisher showed a number of cutting-edge high-tech products one by one, such as the world's smallest cardiac pacemaker, the thinnest sphygmomanometer, the fastest immune analyzer and a series of new technologies. After the completion of these sophisticated technologies, they will meet the requirements of the rapid growth of the company and industry, and provide new enlightenment for the reform and progress of China's medical market

maiwo medical, a representative enterprise in the field of medical rehabilitation, is undoubtedly a leader among domestic medical technology companies. In particular, its three-dimensional motion capture gait analysis system odonate based on deep learning has been highly praised by experts inside and outside the industry

odonate three-dimensional motion capture and gait analysis equipment

among many medical fields, rehabilitation medicine is a field that major pharmaceutical giants can't ignore more and more. This is a new concept that appeared in the middle of the 20th century. It is called "four medicine" together with preventive medicine, health care medicine and clinical medicine. It is a medical discipline to eliminate and reduce human dysfunction, make up for and rebuild human functional deficiencies, and try to improve and improve all aspects of human functions

"rehabilitation helps patients repair psychological and physical trauma, restore normal function, quality of life and working ability, and patients receiving rehabilitation treatment can significantly improve the level of functional recovery and quality of life. In the medical system, rehabilitation medicine has important medical, economic and social values." Maiwo medical CMO Li Wei said in his speech, "The advent of odonate 3D motion capture and gait analysis equipment is the best embodiment of the arrival of AI era of gait analysis. Compared with traditional equipment, odonate 3D motion capture and gait analysis equipment starts from scratch, re explores high-precision motion capture technology solutions, and brings advanced artificial intelligence, deep learning, and 3D Reconstruction Technology into the field of motion capture, which has stronger overall integration than market motion capture equipment. At the same time, The device can accurately and quickly obtain the gait parameters of patients through the motion capture of optical principle and the automatic recognition of "Ai" system, and help doctors quantitatively evaluate the motor function of patients' skeletal muscle system and the regulation and control function of nervous system. "

maiwo medical CMO Li Wei at the speech site

"at present, 1pm corrugated board edge compression strength (n/m) is developed by BASF; doctors, patients and patients' families of" new materials "have carried too much in the process of rehabilitation, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology in recent years can effectively help them reduce the burden and regain health. It is incumbent on maiwo medical to improve and promote this technology. We sincerely hope to help those in need of rehabilitation get appropriate guidance and treatment at the corresponding stage. " Li Wei said in an interview with China business and economics and other media at the Expo

maiwo medical CMO Li Wei was interviewed by the media on the spot

in addition to maiwo medical, brainco from the United States and defie from Japan also attended the international rehabilitation aids industry innovation forum. At the end of the event, Zhang binyun, chairman of Shanghai Fudan Hospital Management Co., Ltd., also delivered a final keynote speech for the forum, which brought the forum to a successful conclusion

: Liu Tingting

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