The hottest major breakthrough in Railway Science

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Major breakthroughs in Railway Science and technology in China

1 Public Works Engineering: fully grasp and independently innovate the key technologies of high-speed railway, such as viaduct, ballastless track, jointless track, high-speed turnout, three-dimensional accurate measurement and control

2. Communication signal: independently develop CTCs 2 system to meet the speed increase of existing lines and train control of 250 km passenger dedicated line; The CTCs 3 system is developed to meet the train control needs of the passenger dedicated line with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, and the minimum tracking interval can reach 3 minutes

3. High speed train: CRH high-speed EMU with independent intellectual property rights has reached the world advanced level in aerodynamic technology, traction and braking system technology, bogie technology, comprehensive comfort technology and safety technology

4. High power locomotive: domestic enterprises basically master the main popular experimental machines this year: Universal experimental machine, pressure experimental machine, impact experimental machine, friction and wear experimental machine, tension experimental machine. These experimental machines have been highly praised by the majority of users this year. The nine core technologies and main supporting technologies of high-power locomotive, and the six axle 9600 kW high-power AC drive electric locomotive developed under the guidance of independent market has reached the world advanced level

5. Traction power supply: the contact system not only meets the needs of double-layer container transportation and EMU Operation on the existing line, but also meets the needs of the operation of 350 km/h high-speed EMU. The whole line has realized remote data acquisition and equipment monitoring, and all substations and distribution stations have been unattended

6. Dispatch and command: the CTC system is adopted for the new passenger dedicated line, which realizes the highly centralized Transportation Command, automatic control and integrated management of stations and vehicles, and cancels the watchman of stations along the line

7. Passenger service: independently designed and developed China's high-speed railway passenger service system to provide comprehensive self-service for passengers

8. Disaster prevention system: equipped with wind, rain and snow, earthquake, foreign body intrusion and other detection equipment, and connected with the dispatching command system, which can be monitored in a timely and effective manner

9. Heavy haul transportation: breakthrough progress has been made in locomotive synchronous operation technology, large tonnage train manufacturing and use technology, and the combination of locomotive wireless synchronous operation technology and GSM r technology has been realized for the first time in the world (1) plastic tensile testing machine has been correctly installed, forming a unique system in transportation capacity resource allocation and organizational transportation. Daqin Railway, a model of heavy haul transportation in China, has become the world's largest heavy haul railway in the last year. It has gradually seized the international high-end market share from the middle and low-end market, which has played a huge role in promoting. In 2008, the traffic volume has reached 340 million tons

10. Plateau Railway: the construction technology and operation management of the Qinghai Tibet railway project have reached the world's advanced level, and important achievements have been made in overcoming the three world-wide engineering problems of permafrost, high cold and hypoxia, and ecological fragility

11. Speed raising technology of existing lines: after the sixth large-scale speed raising and map adjustment, the speed raising technology of existing lines in China has entered the world's advanced ranks. The extension mileage of lines with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour and above is 846 kilometers, which is unique in the world; The speed-up technology and transportation organization mode of the existing line, which not only operates fast passenger trains, but also operates 5000 6500 ton trucks, mixed passenger and freight lines, and combines speed, density and weight, are unique in the world

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