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Inner Mongolia key customers purchase 11 Lovol square balers at one time

Inner Mongolia key customers purchase 11 Lovol square balers at one time

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on February 14, just after the Lantern Festival, the Spring Festival has begun to spread on the still cold land in Inner Mongolia. In the courtyard of Lovol apos agricultural equipment Linxi specialty store, 11 Lovol mf6045 straw square balers were placed neatly, waiting for the chairmen of the cooperative who came to sign the purchase contract

"From August every year, we cross the region to Tianshan to forage, and then come back to forage corn straw. The income is still guaranteed after one year. In particular, Lei is not easy to be eaten by insects and does not grow fungi. The quality of wofang baler is reliable, and the key components such as knotters are imported, and there are basically no large and small failures after one year! In this way, the requirements for melt index are higher and higher, and the requirements for material strength are also increased; with the reduction of cost pressure, environmental The insurance requirements are becoming increasingly severe, "said the chairman of the cooperative who signed the purchase agreement on site

cooperative users check Lovol straw square baler

speaking of Lovol square baler, there has been basically no failure in the past year, the key is that the core technology of the product is excellent. The vast majority of Lovol square balers adopt the heavy-duty knotter imported from Germany, which has stable performance and high reliability. The tying time is controlled within 0.6 seconds. It has the characteristics of fast tying speed and high bale forming rate. In addition, the product adopts the integral one-time stamping forming longitudinal beam structure, and the frame is made of full sequence welding fixture. The overall welding structure has high strength and good driving stability, which is more suitable for rapid operation in large plots

the Lovol mf6045 straw square baler ordered by the cooperative this time is the fist product of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment and agricultural machinery business. In addition to the imported core components, the product also adopts the national patented crushing device and pickup integral exchange technology, which can realize multiple functions of one machine. At the same time, the square baling machine adopts the double cam disc technology, which ensures that the spring tooth beam, rollers and other parts are stressed evenly, and greatly improves the service life of the pickup. With the system optimization, it also benefits from the huge investment of domestic large companies in the spring tooth strength, linear speed and feeding auger, and the addition of crop anti winding devices, so that the crop feeding is smoother, does not accumulate and does not miss picking

Lovol agricultural machinery products, represented by Lovol square balers, are positioned in the global mid-range market as a whole, involving fields such as tillage machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, field management machinery and special crop harvesting machinery. Lovol heavy industries is based on the overall leadership of Lovol apos agricultural equipment business, Strive to provide users with overall solutions for agricultural equipment through horizontal expansion of agricultural machinery business

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