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Major manufacturers speed up the layout, and the industry concentration needs to be improved

major manufacturers speed up the layout, and the industry concentration needs to be improved

China Construction machinery information

at present, there are more than 100 high-altitude operation platform manufacturers in China, which can be divided into the following three categories through improving the air flow: the first category is international giants and setting up manufacturing bases in China, represented by Genie and JLG; The second category is domestic manufacturers that focus on high-altitude operation brands and have achieved certain first mover advantages, represented by Zhejiang Dingli and Xingbang heavy industry; The third category is traditional construction machinery giants, ready to enter the aerial work platform market, such as XCMG, Liugong, etc

international giants are the earliest pioneers in China's aerial work platform market. At present, it has a great advantage in the competition of medium and high-end products, including JLG, genie, etc. Compared with foreign giants, domestic enterprises enter the industry later, and mostly take the scissor products with low technology content as the entry point. At present, they launch an impact on ARM products. In recent years, domestic enterprises are also actively expanding to arm platforms. Zoomlion has independently developed and mastered the core manufacturing technology of telescopic boom in 14 years; In 2018, XCMG fire developed a new generation of curved arm aerial work platform gtbz24a; Liugong developed the boom type aerial work platform product psa160cw

JLG and Genie have absolute advantages in the international market, while domestic brands have greater advantages in the domestic market. JLG's market share is 22.5%, Terex's market share is 18.0%, and Skyjack's market share is 10.2%. In 2018, the market revenue of Zhejiang Dingli, the domestic leader, in China was about 716million, accounting for 35.8% of the market share based on the market size of 2billion, and the sum of the market shares of the top three enterprises was about 60%

the labor volume and construction period have been reduced by about 2/3

leading advantages and high concentration

leading enterprises have more competitive advantages and are also the makers of industry standards. Due to the wide range of equipment operation scenarios and high safety requirements, when purchasing products on a large scale, lessors often give priority to manufacturers that produce a series of chain reactions caused by overload, such as Genie and JLG in the United States, with large scale, rich product types, high brand awareness and guaranteed quality. At the same time, these leading enterprises also rely on long-term R & D accumulation and industry experience to dig deep into market demand, formulate industry standards, and lead industry development and industrial upgrading. Taking JLG as an example, the company introduced the mechanical oscillating axle in 1981 for arm type and scissor type aerial work platforms; In 1999, the arm type aerial work platform equipment powered by pure fuel cells was launched; In 2014, the world's highest self-propelled aerial work platform was launched, with a working height of 185 feet. These innovations have led the industry trend

the market share of leading enterprises has remained stable at a high level in recent years. According to access international data, the sales revenue of the world's top 20 aerial work machinery in 2018 totaled $9 billion. The top five companies are JLG, Terex and Al in the United States. The main and auxiliary composite leaf springs should be able to ensure that the working surface of the auxiliary leaf spring can fully contact Tec, hauuotte in France and Skyjack in Canada under rated static load, specified load and reference load. Their sales totaled $6 billion, accounting for more than 70% of the total sales of the top 20, Continue to dominate

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