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Realize overall processing on one equipment

time is money, especially in production. The goal of the production planning department is to improve production efficiency. The best way to shorten the production process and reduce the turnaround time so as to reduce the processing cost of workpieces is to realize the overall processing on a single equipment

the supply time is shorter, the batch is smaller, and the workpieces become more diverse and complex. The severe competition makes machine tool manufacturers have to face one challenge after another. Now they must know that the user's goal is to complete all the processing of workpieces on one equipment as much as possible. More and more users want to shorten the processing time and reduce the cost. They also want to avoid the errors caused by repeated card loading, so as to improve the manufacturing accuracy

as we can see, the fixture on the experimental machine should be able to align into a line immediately. Recently, the compound machining combining hard turning and grinding has attracted much attention. Through the compound processing on a single equipment, the manufacturing time can be reduced by up to 45% compared with the traditional shaft grinding processing, which is the experimental result obtained by Fritz Studer. Similarly, in practical work, Emag VSC 250 duo WF combined turning and gear machining center is very outstanding. It can directly process the forged blank pipe fittings into quenchable gears. After turning, it is followed by efficient gear hobbing and gear hobbing from both sides to remove burrs

"if the two processes of hard turning and short stroke honing are well coordinated, the roughness Ra can be improved to 0.02~0.04 μ m。” The Fraunhofer Institute has done experiments on this. According to their experience, the simple hard turning of the bearing surface is replaced by the new composite machining process of hard turning and honing, which can reduce the tool cost and production time by 80%

the Institute also carried out another special process combination, namely ultrasonic assisted grinding. When machining brittle and hard materials with very high surface quality, size and shape, such as ceramics or glass, ultrasonic assisted grinding fully shows its advantages. The purpose of using ultrasonic is to reduce the force during processing, which can improve the propulsion speed and processing capacity per unit time, and also realize the processing of more fine structural components. Andreas Weber, a scientist in charge of this project of the Research Institute, has obtained data that when applied to the difficult cutting Si3N4 ceramic mold, the thrust can be reduced by 70%. The maximum number of cuts has doubled

it will become a processing method favored by both machine tool manufacturers and users to perform compound processing on a workpiece after one-time card loading on a single equipment. The task of machine tool manufacturers is to realize compound machining by integrating various processes, which also requires users to have a high level of professional knowledge to make the machining process well match the workpiece, which is a great challenge for both sides

many enterprises exhibited their composite machining machines at the emo2007 exhibition. For example, Niles Simmons must operate in strict accordance with the operating instructions and experimental methods in the experimental standards distributed by the company. For the first time, hegenscheidt company exhibited its N 40 MC turning, milling and drilling machining center. In addition to the common tool replacement device with 144 storage positions, the machining center also has a second tool replacement device, It is used for long drill pipes, so that composite machining including deep drilling operation can be realized. The drill pipe storage can accommodate the continuously improved drill pipes of seven experimental machines. The weight of each drill pipe is 150kg and the length is 2000mm. The drill pipe is replaced automatically. In addition to conventional depth drilling, NC drill pipes can also be used

of course, it is not necessary to integrate more processing technologies to continue to expand the turning and milling machining center. A relatively simple way is to improve the composite machining degree of such equipment. Based on the U-axis system, KOMET group has come up with a method for machining centers, that is, to assemble such a system on the spindle usually used as the milling axis on the turning and milling center, which can further improve the degree of freedom of turning. With the U-axis system, the internal contour can be machined more safely. The U-axis system can also be automatically replaced from the tool magazine of the turning and milling machining center

vertical machining centers have the potential to further improve the degree of composite machining, at least in the processing of slender workpieces. In order to process the circumference and end face of such workpieces at one time if the problem can not be solved, HERMLE company has put forward a smart idea: an automatic bracket that automatically rotates and operates synchronously (90 ° rotation for end face processing) through NC program is adopted, so that the end face can be processed at the same time as the five axis circumference processing. (end)

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