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How to reduce the amount of film when laminating after printing

the amount of film used by the laminating machine during laminating is mainly related to the operation level. Suggestions:

1 The products to be constructed must be straight. Uneven paper with ruffled edges and tight edges shall be treated. The paper with ruffle edge can be baked, and the paper with tight edge can be hung for drying

2. Be sure to wait for the imprint to dry before covering, otherwise it will cause blistering or galling

3. Try not to spray powder when printing, otherwise it will cause empty bubbles at the powder pile. Powder spraying shall be removed before film covering. Those with a large number of prints can be hung to remove the powder, and those with a small number of prints can be wiped manually

4. When laminating, you should also pay attention to the direction of the paper strands, especially the thick paper, to reduce the curl of the paper due to rolling and stretching

also, the temperature is generally controlled at 40 ~ 60 ℃. If the temperature is too high and the normal sequence of different materials in the operation process will deform the paper and film, causing the product to curl, but it should not be too low, otherwise it will cause insufficient viscosity. Coated paper temperature should be slightly lower than offset paper

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