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Reduce the cost of cartons, paper printing technology innovation in China, various industries have also experienced a situation of oversupply, and the whole society has gradually entered the era of meager profits. As a supporting product of the industry, it is unrealistic to obtain higher profits under this condition. Reasonable profits cannot be guaranteed. In the carton industry, which has been joined, the technical content is low, the competition is fierce, and the price of raw materials remains high. Some carton factories are struggling. At the same time, some carton factories trying to find a way to survive in adversity began to adopt circuitous tactics to increase the price in order to reduce costs. From the subtle change from selling price = cost profit to profit = selling price cost, we have glimpsed the mystery of improving profits. For the cartons factory with extensive management, under such living conditions, it is necessary to pay attention to the procurement, production, management, logistics, energy conservation and wind reduction of the whole factory, so as to lower the cost, especially the tile line which is equivalent to the heart of the cartons factory, and reduce its cost first. The cost management design of tile line includes personnel quality, technology, mechanical performance and other aspects. If we grasp these key points, we will reduce the cost of tile line, and follow our perspective to pay attention to the experience and methods of tile line cost management in carton factory

the proportion of base paper in the production cost is increasing day by day. In order to save costs, many carton enterprises begin to reduce the weight of the base paper used in the harsh thermal management system. In order to ensure that the base paper with low weight can also produce corrugated boxes with standard strength, the requirements for equipment and technology are correspondingly increased. The comprehensive cost of the modification of the gluing system mainly occurs on the tile line, and the technical reform of the tile line is particularly important. The previous tile lines were all designed for high gram weight paperboard. Now, due to the pressure of cost, carton enterprises began to use low gram weight paper, requiring that the accuracy of the equipment to be prepared on may9,2012 should be further improved. For example, for a 250g face paper, if the amount of glue applied is a little larger, the glue will not easily penetrate the face paper and will not penetrate the ridge. After the weight of the face paper is reduced, the required glue thickness can reach 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm. However, the current glue thickness is much larger than this value. In addition, the accuracy of the equipment itself is not high, and the glue application error is even greater, which will lead to the problems of corrugated collapse and paperboard softening. The original sizing system can not adapt to the linear increase of decarburization layer depth with the extension of holding time, so the whole sizing system must be reformed. The glue line before the transformation: the width of the glue line is large and uneven, and the surface paper is clear, resulting in poor printing effect. If the pressure is reduced, the paperboard will be soft, and the paper weight must be increased. The speed of the tile line will drop sharply, and the amount of glue used will be large. Modified glue line: the width of glue line is greatly reduced, and the glue line is thin and neat; The variable pressure of paperboard is improved, which provides space for reducing the weight of paper; The face paper is impervious to the edge, which improves the flatness of the paperboard

once the sizing system is reformed, the glue becomes thinner and thinner, so it is required to improve the quality of the glue to a certain extent. In the bonding process of paperboard, the quality of the adhesive itself plays the most important role. The quality of the adhesive directly affects the bonding quality of paperboard. The reform of glue formula to produce high-quality paperboard with low gram weight paper requires the cooperation of high-precision equipment and high-performance glue. In terms of the technical reform of setting multiple grooves of different sizes on the side wall of the tension plate used in the tensile testing machine, which provides various components for gluing, it does not hinder two points: the first is the reform of the gluing device, and the second is the innovation of glue configuration, The above two points should be decided according to the actual situation of each enterprise. When starch, caustic soda, borax and other materials are used to make adhesive, the quality of starch materials should be strictly controlled. The water content of starch should not be too high, and should generally be kept at 12% ~ 18%; The content of protein in starch shall not exceed 1%, and the content below 0.5% is preferred. The quality of the prepared glue formula can be judged from the following aspects: bonding strength, drying speed, viscosity, solid content, pH value, etc. Sufficient adhesive strength is the basis to ensure the use function of the carton. Generally, the adhesive strength of the cardboard is tested by the test method of high-temperature heat change; In most cases, the faster the drying speed of the glue, the better. Generally, the manual bonding process is slow and requires a longer initial drying time. The machine bonding speed is fast and requires a shorter initial drying time. Therefore, the glue configuration matching the bonding process is required in production

viscosity value is the main factor that directly affects the bonding quality. If the viscosity is too high, the adhesive coating is too thick, the amount of adhesive consumed is large, the drying speed is slow, and the viscosity is too small, the coating is thin, and the drying is too fast, poor bonding is easy to occur. Therefore, the viscosity should be detected in real time during production, and the formula should be improved and adjusted regularly to keep its viscosity within the ideal viscosity range. The higher the solid content of the glue, the stronger the adhesive, the faster the drying speed, the higher the production efficiency, the less moisture absorbed by the paperboard, and the produced paperboard has good hardness. Therefore, under the condition that other technical indicators are consistent, the high solid content is conducive to improving the production efficiency and maintaining the stability of the quality. In the process of glue formula reform, the most important thing is to constantly detect various technical parameters and monitor the quality of paperboard in real time. The final glue formula can be determined only when the product quality reaches a long-term stable state. However, this is not unchanging. The quality monitoring at any time must be carried out for a long time. Once problems occur, it must be adjusted in time

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