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The 2014 annual it value summit ended in Hainan last week. The conference held a three-day brainstorming and case discussion on the theme of a new generation of information systems. This year, 441 CIOs and technical experts in various fields participated in the conference, setting a new record in the IT industry. As a leading figure in China's office communication industry, Mr. chenxuejun, CEO of the full-time company, made a speech at the conference and discussed with the guests the way to restructure enterprise it in the future

the way to realize it restructuring with internet thinking

at the beginning of the speech, the CEO of the full-time company described the development scenarios that all industries and enterprises in China will encounter in the next ten years to the guests with continuous questions. Will industries with significant monopoly characteristics be affected by interconnection? If the industry is changed by interconnection, will the enterprise be changed? What is the focus of enterprise it in the future? What changes will it face in the future

in the face of these issues most concerned by current enterprise CEOs and CIOs, full-time CEO chenxuejun explained his own answer that Internet will change every industry and enterprise. In the future, enterprise it needs to shift its focus to building an enterprise's information ecosystem based on people, from the traditional closed system to providing information support in the cloud, so as to help enterprises develop and communicate with a more open ecosystem

based on this judgment, new enterprise application products have been developed since three years ago to help enterprises realize the transformation of interconnection

chenxuejun, the full-time CEO, said that when Chinese people didn't think Internet could hold meetings, we made it. Now, more than 400000 people hold meetings at the same time every day. We have focused on this for ten years and become the first in the industry. Now, when some people argue about what hardware and software systems should be used to deploy the enterprise IT platform, we have firmly turned to deploying our products in the cloud, and only such a direction is the way out for the future development of enterprise it

this summer, Alibaba invested 1.2 billion in Evergrande football club, which caused a sensation in the entire media circle; In the public opinion surprised and praised by the outside world, the group has quietly focused its information work in the second half of the year on how to make the whole group realize enterprise interconnection. The interconnection of enterprises has once again become a hot target for enterprises to compete with each other

it is not only real estate tycoons who are eager to try this goal, but also an enterprise that specializes in providing commercial IT consulting, solutions and outsourcing services for global customers. They more directly show that as an enterprise, we want to ask who can give us not only concepts, but specific implementation

Chen Xuejun, the full-time CEO, said the key to grounding. If an enterprise's organization and thinking mode are still old traditions, does not change the past bureaucratic culture, and there are so many complicated processes, it cannot change itself from the inside out. Basically, such an enterprise will end up dead. In particular, what needs to be changed is the shift from focusing only on the application of infrastructure and processes in the past to a people-centered ecosystem today

what is the harmonious connotation of such an enterprise ecosystem through chemical marketing in South China branch? The answer is very simple. It is to connect people, projects, processes, knowledge and innovation. Specifically, it is to connect the communication and collaborative work between internal employees and external customers of the enterprise and dealers. Just as the number of users has exceeded 600million, in order to solve the problem of communication with each other, we have been thinking about how to integrate the functions of,, and conferences in terms of communication, and how to make the previously unattainable unified communication concept as simple as, Chen Xuejun said about the new product

the CIO of a certain food Co., Ltd. said that due to the growing size of his own enterprise, there is a great need for a light application of business processing and communication to effectively improve the execution of the marketing system. There are not a few companies with daily collaboration issues like this. A CEO who did not want to be named said that, like a complaint from a customer, the boss' mailbox may be filled with letters from the sales department, service department and R & D department. I have a big head to see, let alone let them achieve good cooperation together! At the same time, this data is stored in the man-machine memory both at home and abroad. According to statistics, the average meeting time of Chinese people is much higher than that of other countries in the world. The most important characteristics are that they love to stray from the topic, talk about things, argue irrationally and have no results. I have also seen that some enterprises have an average meeting time of 30 hours per week! Chenxuejun, the full-time CEO, believes that only meeting will not make the enterprise successful. Only when the task of meeting is transformed into execution can the enterprise succeed

in order to maximize the efficiency of meeting execution, the key documents of traditional meeting discussions may be distributed on everyone's computer, and the discussions are always personal centered and transmitted to each other. However, the new full-time product can create discussion groups in places where collaboration is desired, such as emails, anytime and anywhere. This discussion group not only records all the meeting minutes related to the project, but also helps you track the tasks of meeting minutes, Even the documents in the discussion group are saved on the enterprise cloud, which has become the most important knowledge of the enterprise

Chen Xuejun, the full-time CEO, smiled and pointed out the common problems of many enterprises. Think about it, in the past, we were fighting against the complicated processes of the company. Just writing off accounts may have to go through several procedures, wasting a lot of unnecessary time. In terms of solving problems between people and processes, the traditional application software has always been based on processes, but now it should be based on people, Therefore, we have solved the problems between people and the system in the past in a clever way. Instead, the sample is impacted by information to drive people's work. Therefore, all the relevant information about the workflow is collected on the platform. Therefore, if you are a supervisor, you may have subordinates put forward purchase application request messages, holiday approval, quotation approval, etc. in your application messages, waiting for you to deal with them

my favorite function is knowledge sharing within the enterprise, but few enterprises have really done a good job of structured knowledge, and it is a nightmare for it to truly achieve a structured knowledge base, Chenxuejun said frankly. Give full play to the function of connecting enterprise knowledge on the platform. As such, everyone can share and interact with knowledge on the platform. Even employees can ask questions and find answers within the enterprise. These questions are often the best knowledge of the enterprise. For example, when you ask a question today, big data will immediately tell you the answer, or even tell you who is an expert, what we have done, Is to transfer useful knowledge from life to work

Schumpeter, a famous American economist, once said that the greatest feature of capitalism is innovation. Since 1954, General Electric Company of the United States has used computers to calculate wages, and we can see the credit of IT technology from databases, Internet and e-commerce. Today, there is an indisputable fact in many enterprises. The IT department that should have done innovation work is often like the IT procurement department. For this reason, the full-time new products provide 11 categories of API applications, such as organization and employee management, user rights management, etc., so that it can be easily customized according to the preferences of enterprises, and the IT department can return to the real innovation department, said chenxuejun, full-time CEO

the interconnection of enterprises must not only stay in the illusory concept, nor should it be just the noise of all walks of life. With the most keen awareness of the selection of injection molding machines with the same capacity as the main injection molding products before interconnection, we have continuously spread and deepened the interconnection of enterprises in China with the professional research spirit of grinding a sword for ten years. We are happy to see it and return to reality from the altar

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