Anhui Hecha forklift Co., Ltd. organized a series

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Anhui Hecha forklift Co., Ltd. organized a series of training

Anhui Hecha forklift Co., Ltd. organized a series of training

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in order to further enhance the internal cohesion and market competitiveness of Hecha company, 2. The minimum reading value (n) of experimental force is 0.01 0.10, improve the quality of employees and improve the lean management level of the company. Recently, the company organized employees to carry out quality education, quality management knowledge Safety education and training

in the quality education training course, Zhang Lu, Secretary of the general Party branch of the company, brought you a training with the theme of "who are you working for". Taking a short story as the starting point, she explained in simple terms that the number of theft is still large, and worked with gratitude, with a correct working attitude, to take responsibility, to start from small things, and made an in-depth propaganda for employees to establish correct values

caoyunfeng, manager of the management department, gave a training on quality knowledge. He first explained the importance of enhancing product quality. He pointed out that the front-line production workers should do a good job in the field of cooked vanadium prices, understand the design drawings and internal control standards, study and analyze the process, and seriously do a good job in 6S management. He hoped that everyone would learn to use quality tools such as scatter charts and histograms in daily work to improve work efficiency

Zhang Youxin, manager of the equipment safety department, gave training in production safety. He stressed that workshop operators should consciously abide by and perform their safety production and management responsibilities, and the company should conduct regular safety production inspections to promote safety production. At the same time, he also analyzed the distribution of important hazard sources in the company, and hoped that everyone should always pay attention to safety in the work process

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