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Hindu news: "plastic restriction order" enhances China's public awareness of environmental protection

Hindu news station broadcast an article from Beijing by Anant Krishnan on August 31, saying that China has saved about 3million tons of oil since China implemented the plastic restriction order nationwide for more than a year, because the use of plastic fell sharply in the first half of this year

in June last year, the biggest obstacle of China's government was economic considerations. The government issued a national ban on the production, sale and use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags (plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm), and banned all supermarkets from providing plastic bags free of charge. This move shocked many people. Because China has always performed poorly on environmental issues, and few countries - even in the West - have imposed similar bans

according to the national development and Reform Commission, since then, the use of plastic bags in supermarkets has decreased by two-thirds

the project site of China Chain Management Association has been preliminarily selected. It is estimated that the consumption of plastic bags in supermarkets will be reduced by nearly 40billion a year after the implementation of the plastic restriction order

"white pollution" - a term used to describe the phenomenon of large consumption and waste of plastic - is becoming increasingly serious in China. China consumes more plastic bags than any other country. The national development and Reform Commission said that after the implementation of the plastic limit order, 2.4 million tons of oil can be saved every year. (5) the hydraulic system is an electro-hydraulic proportional servo system with electro-hydraulic proportional valve as the core -3 million tons, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 7.6 million tons -9.6 million tons

for China, a country that consumes a lot of oil every day, this is still just a drop in the ocean. But environmental groups and environmentalists welcomed the ban. They said that more importantly, it has enhanced public awareness of environmental issues

however, this ban is far from being fully implemented. Implementation is limited to supermarkets - regular inspections will be carried out, and violations will be fined. Roadside shops are still providing free plastic bags. Nowadays, the plastic bags provided by supermarkets charge 20 cents each. Therefore, in Beijing and Shanghai, more and more people take their own cloth bags to shopping. More than a year ago, this practice was unheard of in China

Wu Dengming, an environmentalist, said, "for us, the first step to solve environmental problems is public awareness. The biggest challenge is to let people understand environmental problems and raise awareness. All these are slowly changing."

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