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High voltage inverter aims at energy conservation and emission reduction opportunities

high voltage inverter has become one of the sharp tools of energy conservation and emission reduction because it plays an extremely obvious role in power energy conservation and consumption reduction. Various signs show that with the macro-control of national policies and the introduction of energy conservation and emission reduction policies, high-voltage inverter is ushering in a golden period of development. It is precisely because of this huge green cake that CEC group made a strategic decision to enter the high-voltage inverter market

Lu Tingxiu, President of CEC group, told: "we believe that driven by the implementation of the national energy-saving policy and the internal demand of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises to reduce energy consumption, the high-voltage inverter market has experienced explosive growth in the past five years, with an average annual growth rate of more than 40%. It is estimated that by 2012, the market capacity of China's high-voltage inverter will reach about 8.8 billion yuan, and the future prospect is very broad."

as a leading enterprise in the transformer and photovoltaic industry with the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for VOC in the car, CEC is optimistic about the broad prospects of China's high-voltage inverter market and decides to enter the high-voltage inverter industry strongly

"at present, China's high-voltage inverter market is mainly occupied by many foreign brands, and the overall scale of domestic enterprises is not large. It needs the participation of some industry giants to improve the overall competitiveness of domestic high-voltage inverter enterprises." Lu Tingxiu believes that joining the competition in the high-voltage inverter market will not only win a place for national brands, but also extend the business scope of CEC from power transmission and distribution to power consumption

"at present, CEC has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of power transmission and distribution and new energy efficiency and energy saving, but these are limited to the field of 'power transmission', and we also hope to make a difference in the field of 'power consumption'. The high-voltage inverter 'power consumption' has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, which is completely consistent with our concept." Lu Tingxiu said

CLP Electric has accumulated many loyal customers in the field of transmission and distribution over the past 20 years, "Many of our customers in chemical, metallurgical, coal and other industries have proposed to us the market demand for energy-saving and efficient high-voltage inverter products. There is a market first and then a factory. CEC not only pays attention to green manufacturing, but also needs to help customers' sustainable development in a more comprehensive way in a broader field. High voltage inverter is one of the solutions." Lu Tingxiu, as the helmsman of the enterprise, in addition to accurately judging the general trend, the demand from customers makes him increase his horsepower and drive to the field of high-voltage inverter

it is reported that since 2008, CEC has increased investment and introduced a number of frequency converter technical experts in the industry to carry out the research and development of high-voltage frequency converters. Since then, a series of actions have attracted great attention in the industry:

in 2008, the high-voltage inverter workshop located in the qijiangning science and Technology Park, which was laid out 16 years ago by Cui Lixin of CEC Nanjing, was quickly completed and put into use; In the middle of 2009, the chvaf high-voltage inverter independently developed by CEC with a number of national patents was officially born in Nanjing Jiangning Science and Technology Park, and was quickly introduced to the market to form an order

general manager Chang, deputy chief engineer of CEC group, told: "CEC's high-voltage inverter adopts unique aviation tube heat dissipation technology and busbar composite busbar technology, which makes IGBT performance more stable. At the same time, it has small volume, modular design, humanized man-machine interface, complete operation status records, and injects Technology upgrading into the whole high-voltage inverter industry (3) When the digital display electronic tensile testing machine didn't do the experiment for a long time, it was a fresh blood. "

Lu Tingxiu, President of CEC switching experimental power electric group, has made a blueprint for future development: "Transformer, photovoltaic and high-voltage inverter will become the three leading industries of CEC in the future. In the next three years, our goal is to make full use of the huge brand influence formed by CEC among industry users, enter the forefront of the domestic high-voltage inverter industry, create another dark horse in the inverter industry with CEC's speed per hour, and make contributions to China's energy conservation and emission reduction."

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