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In May in southern China, a team of special combat officers and soldiers wearing 07 type forest camouflage training clothes, digital forest camouflage bulletproof helmets, micro submachine guns and special combat boots were carrying out hidden camouflage drills in the mountains and jungles. In an instant, the camouflage "chameleon" in the army disappeared into the jungle. This magical military uniform is the masterpiece of the Quartermaster Equipment Research Institute of the General Logistics Department

from carrying people on their shoulders and burying pots for cooking, to mechanized and information-based new generation military supplies such as field staple food processing vehicles and self cooking vehicles; From "a mouthful of fried noodles and a mouthful of snow", to boxes of meal spectrum, hot food, and field self heated food; From thick cotton padded jackets and old sheepskin to the comprehensive protection of 07 series military uniforms, special protective clothing and new bulletproof helmets, quartermaster researchers have made earth shaking changes in our military support

look at these highlights: 172 scientific research achievements have won national and military scientific and technological progress awards. Among them, there are 2 second prizes for scientific and technological inventions, 4 first prizes and 10 second prizes for national scientific and technological progress, 32 first prizes and 44 second prizes for military scientific and technological progress. Won the collective second-class merit once, and was commended as the "advanced division, brigade and regiment unit" of the advanced Party committee and the General Logistics Department of the whole army

facing the battlefield and seizing high-tech positions

this is a technical appraisal of real guns and live ammunition

at the test site, wearing various types of bulletproof vests, making "Dummies" of various nano plastic filling materials, and receiving direct fire from light weapons at close range. "Pa! PA!" Two shots were fired, and under the protection of the "patron saint" bulletproof vest provided by the Institute, the "dummy" was undamaged

smelling this kind of smell on this bulletproof back will only aggravate carsickness and will soon become a hot commodity in the armed police, public security, banking and other industries. The special bulletproof helmets developed by the Institute have also been equipped with troops stationed in Hong Kong, Macao and special forces

"to engage in research is to be responsible for winning future wars. We should think about what the troops think and what they did not think. We will solve what the troops need in the preparation for military struggle." Jin Youfa, director of the Institute, and Zhao Guilin, political commissar, said

over the years, the Party committee of the Institute has always taken winning as the goal of scientific research, put forward the idea of "better prepare than fight, never fight but unprepared", and timely shifted the focus of scientific research work to the research of military combat preparation and Quartermaster Equipment in the new era

hot melt bonding flocs is the first prize achievement of the national science and technology progress award of the Institute, which was completed by the team led by senior engineer zhangjunsheng in 1986. This achievement has greatly improved the cold and moisture resistance of military clothing, reduced the load of individual soldiers, and caused a SEM chemical fiber revolution of thermal insulation materials in China

the properties of antibacterial, deodorization, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, moisture absorption and quick drying, wave absorption and noise elimination are unique to hemp fiber. In June, 2006, the Institute established the military hemp material research center with approval. Under the leadership of deputy director and chief engineer zhangjianchun, the Institute carried out research on the comprehensive utilization of hemp and achieved a series of results. At present, the Institute has successfully made 07 style summer socks, shorts, training shoes, training clothes, military raincoats, bulletproof helmets, bulletproof plates, etc. from hemp materials

a grand military parade was held in the capital on the 60th anniversary of the national day. The crisp and handsome 07 style military uniform attracted the attention of the world. However, 4. Little is known about the tensile test of metal wire/sheet. What the 07 military uniform wants to overcome is a worldwide problem - chemical fiber textile wool fabric is airtight, easy to static electricity, fuzzing and pilling. After tens of thousands of experiments, the scientific and technological personnel of the Institute finally developed "multi different and multi composite chemical fiber filament fabric". This achievement has established China's leading position in the international industry and won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award

in recent years, with the goal of meeting the logistics support needs of emergency operations, it has gradually formed a second-generation Quartermaster Equipment System with a significant jump in mechanization, a preliminary information level, and the support needs of various types of forces

go deep into the grass-roots level and resonate with the officers and soldiers at the same frequency

not long ago, the scientific researchers of the Institute drove the new field plateau cooking car developed by themselves, traveling tens of thousands of kilometers, and boarded the "life forbidden zone" of the Tibetan Plateau for cooking car test. Despite the severe altitude reaction and the deep road danger, the scientific researchers went deep into the front-line garrison company at the grassroots level to listen to the opinions of officers and soldiers on dietary equipment

it is the fine tradition of the Institute to go deep into the front line of the army to conduct investigation and scientific research according to the needs of combat readiness. They conduct such surveys many times a year

over the years, they have insisted on selecting topics for scientific research, and they have not approved projects that are not urgently needed by the army, reported awards for those that are not applied by the army, and concluded topics that are not satisfactory to officers and soldiers. According to statistics, in recent years, they have focused more than 90% of their scientific research projects on solving the practical problems encountered by the army in terms of food, clothing and defense

rice can be heated with cold water and noodles can be soaked with cold water. Such field food is now equipped for the army. The self heating field ration developed by the Institute is a kind of field ration with high-efficiency self heating function. Whether it is cold water or hot water, whether it is clean water or dirty water, as long as it is poured into the outer packaging interlayer of the food bag, it can "cook" cooked rice in a few minutes, which can be more than minus 30 degrees Celsius, and ensure that officers and soldiers eat hot food within 15 minutes

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