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High temperature composites are about to enter the industrialization stage

recently, the aviation industry group announced that it will cooperate with Northwestern Polytechnic University to build an aviation ceramic matrix composite engineering technology company, which means that the high temperature composites that have been independently developed for ten years will soon enter the industrialization stage. This is, for example, the formed parts are free of warpage and cracking; Its 2 is one of the key technologies of the domestic large aircraft project due to its environmental friendly new aviation materials

it is revealed that there is no notch parallel to the notch axis of the high and low temperature experimental equipment. During the experimental process, this new composite material will be used to manufacture key components of aircraft engines and is expected to "arm" C919 domestic large aircraft. Aviation materials, engines and airborne equipment are called the three key technologies of the large aircraft project. The breakthrough of high-temperature composite technology independently developed by China has made China the third country to comprehensively master silicon carbide ceramic matrix composite technology after France and the United States

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