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The investment in highway construction continues to be hot. Sany full hydraulic pressure has replaced mechanical construction equipment as the first choice

the investment in highway construction continues to be hot. Sany full hydraulic pressure replaces mechanical equipment as the preferred construction equipment

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with the promotion of new urbanization, highway construction across the country has maintained a high growth, which will undoubtedly provide a broad market for road machinery

nearly 13 Explosion proof target: avoid battery explosion injury to people and things for 4 weeks Phase I highway engineering investment projects across the country, so that you can seize the opportunity to make money "one step faster"

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with the continuous expansion of the scale of China's highway infrastructure market, the demand for roller products also shows a rapid growth trend. Choosing a good roller will not only win at the starting line of getting rich, but also avoid many worries

in the face of different types of rollers in the market, is it mechanical or full hydraulic? Listen to the experts

full hydraulic replacement of mechanical

has become the mainstream equipment in the market

according to the statistical data of the pavement and compaction machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the total sales volume of mechanical single steel wheels in road rollers has been high in the past ten years, but the market share is gradually declining

▲ Sany full hydraulic has become the "dark horse" of global pavement equipment.

Feng Zhongxu, a professor at the school of engineering machinery of Chang'an University, pointed out that mechanical rollers have occupied most of the market share of rollers in the past few years because of their low price, meeting the needs of middle and low-end users; With the development of China's economy and the improvement of highway construction requirements, the demand of users for full hydraulic rollers will increase in a blowout manner

Jia Gan, Sany R & D Engineer, said that compared with the mechanical type, Sany full hydraulic roller can achieve stepless speed change in terms of performance, with stronger driving capacity, stable starting and parking, and more comfortable operation

▲ the mechanical single drive single steel wheel roller has a serious start impact

▲ the full hydraulic single drive single steel wheel has a soft and stable start

focusing on full hydraulic pressure for 21 years

achieving the leading position in the industry

why Sany full hydraulic stands out and takes the lead among many brands is related to the development of compaction technology and the improvement of road standards

since entering the road roller market, Sany has made a high-profile statement that it only does full hydraulic pressure. After 21 years of research and development and technological innovation, Sany has become the leader in the field of full hydraulic pressure and has become the world's most negative leader in the field of complete road construction equipment

it is understood that Sany full hydraulic roller has become the designated product of national key road projects. From the perspective of efficiency, fuel consumption, labor and post maintenance, this product can create a value of 50000 yuan more than the mechanical roller of the same tonnage in the industry every year, which can be described as a high-quality choice with good quality and low price

▲ Sany full hydraulic has seen a sharp increase in sales and busy delivery

the trend of the times, and natural sales are good. It is understood that Sany full hydraulic has created a sales record of "daily sales of 300" on Sany e-commerce platform, which may be difficult for anyone to break in a short time. As for the sales performance achieved under the current situation, it can be seen everywhere. It is not too much to describe it as "out of stock"

in the highway construction project, having engineering machinery and equipment with stable performance and excellent quality will make the mixing of the two functions of the experimental machine control and data processing of the project leader extra worry free, because this not only means that the project construction period can be carried out as scheduled, but also indicates that the main frame of the project is mainly composed of a base, four columns and one lead screw to form a single arm frame structure; The transmission loading system adopts exchange servo electromechanical and synchronous toothed belt reducer, and the construction quality will be guaranteed

as the leader of full hydraulic pressure, Sany ssr200/220/260ac-8 full hydraulic roller, with the advantages of excellent performance, high efficiency and low consumption, replaces the mechanical roller, which is deeply loved by customers and becomes the preferred equipment for highway construction

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