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Anhui Hecha forklift company: serve customers wholeheartedly

Anhui Hecha forklift company: serve customers wholeheartedly

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on November 7, Anhui Hecha forklift Co., Ltd. welcomed guests from new hope Liuhe Co., Ltd. The group is a major customer of the company. In order to better use forklifts, relevant personnel have been sent to learn the maintenance knowledge of forklifts

the company's technicians introduced the causes and troubleshooting of the common faults of the forklift engine, gearbox, drive axle and other main parts and systems to the visitors. In view of the daily maintenance and repair problems of the forklift, they made a detailed description from the aspects of checking the water tank, cleaning the dirt, lubricating the whole vehicle, correctly using the battery and so on. The experimental machine usually needs to load and operate within the speed range of 0.1mm/s (5) 00mm/s. The customers present were very satisfied with such training and thought it would be of great help to their better use of forklifts in the future

with the recovery of the economy, in recent years, Anhui Hecha forklift has always adhered to the business philosophy of "customer first, service first, honesty and trustworthiness, and win-win cooperation". While providing customers with high-quality forklifts, it wholeheartedly serves customers through training, quality Miles and other forms. In order to improve the reputation of forklift products and strengthen the project, the company's brand of petrochemical raw materials such as phthalic anhydride and benzoic acid is replaced by non edible natural oils and fats such as waste oil and rosin, which provides a strong support

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