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High voltage switchgear industry: the construction of borrowing electricity has "set sail" again

the rapid development of the electrical industry has driven the rapid development of upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry. As an important part of electrical equipment, high voltage switchgear plays a role of control and protection in the transmission and distribution system. With the acceleration of power construction in China, There is a good opportunity for the high-voltage switchgear industry to meet the requirements of the guidance that the energy-saving design of affordable housing buildings submitted for the review and filing of construction drawing design. However, the electrical industry generally encountered a "cold winter" in 2011. What kind of scene is the high-voltage switchgear industry under the influence of the "cold winter"

significant achievements

with the acceleration of electric construction, the development situation of the high-voltage switchgear industry in 2011 was basically not affected by the "cold winter" of the electrical industry. In the process of this year, although there were still problems in the development of the industry, the introduction of policies and standards had a considerable impact on the high-voltage switching industry. At the same time, the high-voltage switchgear industry also made progress through independent innovation

first of all, in terms of industry standard formulation, the State Grid Corporation of China held a conference on the achievements of strong smart power construction in Beijing last March, and formulated 15 Smart Substation standards, forming the world's first series of technical standards for smart substations. The formulation of this standard largely shows that the construction and application of smart power has achieved results, and at the same time, it is a step closer to the expected direction of intelligence for the high-voltage switchgear industry

after more than four years, gb/t "common technical requirements for high voltage switchgear and control equipment standards" was officially released on December 30. This standard mainly solves the common requirements of high voltage switchgear and control equipment standards, and gives some common test procedures and requirements in detail, such as insulation test, temperature rise test, short-term withstand current and peak withstand current test without damaging the road surface

secondly, in terms of power construction, after the general office of the State Council officially issued the notice on the opinions on the implementation of a new round of rural power transformation and upgrading project in May last year, the State Grid Corporation of China arranged to comprehensively transform the rural power that has not been transformed during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, so as to solve the maladjustment problem of the new rural power that has been transformed. By 2015, the reliability rate of rural power supply in the company's business area will reach 99.7%, and the comprehensive voltage qualification rate will reach 98.5%, The average comprehensive line loss rate is 6.2%. The new round of agricultural transformation will be another good development opportunity for the high-voltage switchgear industry

In September last year, the planned Huainan Shanghai UHV AC transmission line was approved by the national development and Reform Commission. This project has been approved by the state, which marks that the UHV AC project has accelerated the pace of development. For the high-voltage switchgear industry, the full implementation of UHV construction undoubtedly sounded the clarion call for the advancement of the industry

in terms of related projects, last December, the ZHN high chemical resistance 4/y generator circuit breaker was successfully developed. This product is the first self-developed large capacity generator protection switchgear in China. The success of the specific project can be regarded as another progress of high-voltage switchgear in China

broad opportunities

the demand trend of today's high-voltage switch market depends on the development of the power market to some extent. In recent years, the global market demand for transmission and distribution equipment has generally shown an upward trend. China is one of the fastest growing markets, and has now become the second largest market in the world. At the same time, with the construction of agricultural transformation, UHV, UHV DC transmission and other projects, It has driven the rapid development of China's transmission and distribution equipment industry

from the perspective of rural transformation, it was learned from the 2012 rural power work conference held by the state power corporation that by the end of 2011, the state power corporation system had completed a total investment of 66.81 billion yuan in rural transformation and upgrading projects, and a total of 530 new rural electrified counties and 6423 electrified towns and townships had been built

in 2011, state power invested 62.2 billion yuan in agricultural transformation, and Nanfang power completed 23.2 billion yuan in agricultural construction investment in 2011. The cumulative investment in agricultural transformation of the two companies in 2011 was 85.4 billion yuan, while about 60% of the investment in agricultural construction will be used to purchase power equipment, and the market size of related power equipment will exceed 50billion yuan. Meanwhile, state power will arrange 410billion yuan for agricultural transformation within five years; The planned investment scale of southern power is 111.6 billion yuan, with a total of 521.6 billion yuan

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