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Editor's note: in recent years, high-voltage converters have actively sought new markets and are also facing more technical challenges. For example, high-speed railway on-board power supplies have high requirements for anti vibration and special requirements for voltage fluctuations; In addition to more stringent environmental requirements, wind power high-voltage frequency converters (converters) are in short supply as parts and components that are reported to the laboratory qualification department for standard change procedures, IGBT and EMC

two 75t gas-fired boilers in the power plant of Xingtai Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xingtai Iron and steel") are equipped with 400KW high-pressure induced draft fan motors. In order to ensure normal operation, they need to be controlled by adjusting the inlet damper. The actual opening of the inlet damper is 36% - 40%, and the action is frequent, so a considerable part of the power is wasted by the damper. After the introduction of two high-voltage frequency converters, the power saving rates are as high as 57.3% and 61% respectively, and 3.64 million kwh of electricity can be saved every year. If calculated at 0.5 yuan/kWh, the enterprise can save up to 1.82 million yuan of electricity in a year, so the enterprise can recover the equipment cost in less than a year

like Xing steel, more and more enterprises are now taking advantage of the benefits of high-voltage converters

energy saving horn Market Expansion

Chen Shihai, an inspector of the Department of energy conservation and scientific and technological equipment of the national energy administration, said at the "2009 International Forum on energy efficiency mechanism construction" in March this year: "at present, China's overall energy efficiency is about 33%, about 10 percentage points lower than that of developed countries. At present, China's energy conservation work is facing great pressure."

according to the national report "Research on the industrialization ways and Countermeasures of motor speed regulation technology", 66% of China's total power generation is consumed by motors, of which about half are high-voltage motors. Nearly 70% of the loads driven by high-voltage motors are fans, pumps and compressors, and half of them are suitable for speed regulation. High voltage frequency converters are widely used in the fields of electric power, metallurgy, cement, petrochemical, building materials, water treatment, etc. because they are suitable for high-voltage motors such as fans, transmission motors and water pumps controlled between 1000 and 10500 volts. Public data shows that the market capacity of the first four industries accounts for more than 75% of the whole domestic high-voltage frequency converter market

some studies have pointed out that the market capacity of China's high-voltage inverter is expected to reach about 8.8 billion yuan by 2012. The huge market space naturally attracted the attention of all parties. It is not completely estimated that there are more than 20 major manufacturers in the domestic high-voltage inverter market at present. Domestic brands have developed rapidly. In recent years, a large number of enterprises with obvious competitive advantages, such as Lide Huafu, Hekang Yisheng, Rongxin shares, have emerged. At present, the market share of domestic brands has exceeded 50%

in fact, the development of the high-voltage inverter industry cannot be separated from a series of policies issued by the state, but it does not have universality to encourage energy conservation and emission reduction. The Interim Measures for the management of financial incentives for energy-saving technological transformation (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") is one of them

it is clearly stated in the measures that the central government will reward the eastern region with 200 yuan and the central and western regions with 250 yuan for each ton of standard coal savings formed after the transformation of the project; For energy-saving technological transformation projects that meet the reward conditions, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, 60% of the reward funds will be allocated in advance according to the energy savings reported by enterprises

"the national incentive measures have greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction, and improved the awareness of enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction. Although the price of high-voltage inverter is not cheap, enterprises have tried it one after another with the encouragement of national policies." Zhangqisheng, vice president of Rongxin Co., Ltd., made such comments

therefore, even affected by the financial storm, the market prospect this year is optimistic by all parties

Jiang Jizeng, chairman of Lide Huafu, predicted the situation of the high-voltage inverter industry this year: "due to the impact of the macro economy, the growth rate of the high-voltage inverter market will decline in 2009, but it will still maintain a growth rate of 15% - 20% throughout the year."

according to Zhang Tao, deputy general manager of Hekang Yisheng, the growth rate of the industry should not be less than 15% this year. If the GDP can maintain a growth rate of 8% - 9%, the growth rate of the industry will be higher

it can be seen that all major high-voltage inverter manufacturers are full of confidence in the market situation this year

igbt dilemma

with the popularity of high-voltage inverter industry, IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) and electrolytic capacitor have been in short supply recently

Zhang Qisheng introduced to: "domestic IGBT manufacturers are very few, and the scrap rate is high. In addition, there is a certain gap between the process level and reliability and foreign brands, so at present, domestic mainstream high-voltage frequency conversion manufacturers use imported equipment."

another insider pointed out that energy conservation and emission reduction is not only a major trend in China, but also a major theme of international economic development. IGBT is one of the core and most expensive components in high-voltage inverter. Compared with the world, China's demand is relatively small. When there is a shortage of supply, foreign suppliers tend to concentrate on supplying foreign brands with large demand, and domestic tensions are inevitable. According to what he knows, at present, many high-voltage inverter enterprises often have the phenomenon that IGBT is not in place. Once the production of out of stock enterprises has a stagnant "idle time", when it is supplemented, enterprises immediately enter the tense "busy time". In the past, enterprises often purchased raw materials after signing orders, but now they have to prepare goods in advance. Orders face a big test, which is a great test of enterprise wisdom

"IGBT is basically a packaging link in China, and Chinese enterprises have not mastered the core technology. It puts forward higher requirements for technical content, talents and funds, and the strength of domestic enterprises is too scattered to complete technology research and development alone. Although the country made every effort to tackle the 1200v/75a IGBT specification last year, compared with the international standard, this specification is a medium to low technology, to solve this problem, the country still needs to increase from the perspective of industry." To solve. " Zhang Qisheng said

emc puzzle

what is EMC

in short, EMC refers to energy-saving transformation projects in which energy-saving diagnosis, design, transformation and other energy-saving objectives and business operation modes are agreed by units and energy-saving service institutions in the form of contracts, and the project investment is recovered and the income is obtained by saving energy costs

since the price of each high-voltage inverter is between hundreds of thousands and millions of yuan, it is a lot of expenditure for enterprises in the short term. However, because it brings huge energy-saving effect, the cost can be recovered within 1 to 3 years, so the current capital problem of enterprises can be solved through EMC

following Shanghai, Beijing announced the trial implementation of the measures for supporting contracted energy management projects last month. According to the "measures", through contract energy management projects, enterprises with energy conservation of 15% - 25% will be given a subsidy of no more than 20% of the project investment, enterprises with energy conservation of more than 25% will be given a subsidy of no more than 30% of the project investment, and the subsidy fund for a single project will not exceed 5million yuan in principle

it is reasonable that the government has encouraged its development. EMC is a good phenomenon, but according to the survey, this has also caused some other problems to a certain extent

"Recently, a large number of high-voltage inverter enterprises have emerged in China. Their technology is not very stable and their equipment reliability is general. However, in order to seize the market, they even give high-voltage inverter 'free' to users. Although the EMC mode is adopted and the cost is returned year by year, it disrupts the market order to a certain extent. In addition, it further slows down the turnover speed of enterprise working capital. If they pay little attention to it and cause the tension of capital chain, the enterprise will It is difficult to survive and further develop. " According to an industry source who did not want to be named

emc will bring capital turnover problems to high-voltage inverter manufacturers, so does the enterprise adopt EMC's management mode

Zhang Tao told: "considering liquidity and other reasons, Hekang Yisheng generally will not adopt the EMC model, except for projects that can recover funds in the short term. If the 'front' is delayed for too long, it will be detrimental to the enterprise. In the case of third-party intervention, we are still more willing to accept this model. From the perspective of data mechanics"

Zhang Qisheng also expressed his affirmation of the third party, As for the way of cooperation, he said: "if there are relevant projects, on the one hand, enterprises will actively seek third parties to implement relevant methods; on the other hand, many fund companies have emerged in the market, and they will also take the initiative to express their intention to cooperate."

it should be noted that the energy-saving rate of high-voltage inverter is high, and the cost recovery of equipment is obvious. EMC can enable users to temporarily avoid capital problems, which is conducive to the promotion of high-voltage inverter market. But at the same time, we should also see the capital risk that EMC brings to the enterprise. Similarly, EMC must not disturb the development of the industry under the guise of market strategy

low price competition industry reshuffle is imminent

entering this century, the domestic high-voltage inverter industry has entered a period of rapid development, and has begun to take shape in just a few years. At present, domestic brands have more than half of the top ten in market share, with a market share of 85%

although domestic high-voltage frequency conversion develops rapidly, it is not difficult to find a problem through table 2: the sales volume of foreign brands such as Siemens, abb and Rockwell is only 14.9%, but the sales volume accounts for 25.7% of the market. Although domestic brands occupy most of the market share, the price advantage is not obvious

Jiang Jizeng analyzed: "at present, the phenomenon of low price competition in the market is very serious, and the prices quoted by many enterprises in the bidding times are almost close to the cost price, which is very terrible. On the one hand, it is difficult to ensure that enterprises use reliable parts and raw materials, on the other hand, the vicious price war is not conducive to the overall development of the industry."

Zhang Qisheng said, "as the high-voltage inverter market is constantly explored, there are more and more enterprises producing this product at present, but many small enterprises are technically unqualified. Low price competition has disrupted the market order, and the industry will face a reshuffle in recent years."

in response to domestic low prices and changes in the market situation, a large number of enterprises represented by Hekang Yisheng and Rongxin are going abroad to explore the international market. "At present, it may also be an opportunity for overseas markets, because the demand of overseas markets is relatively stable. Due to the financial crisis, some foreign customers may pay more attention to Chinese products with high cost performance." Zhang Tao said

where is the way

relevant experts in the industry pointed out that reliability, price and service are the key to the growth of high-voltage inverter enterprises in recent years, are also the three main conditions for competition, and are also the basis of productization and industrialization. At present, the development of this industry shows the following major trends: smaller volume, greater power, higher performance, the use of new devices, new processes, new materials, and the use of new and advanced control methods

the current practice of the enterprise also confirms this person's judgment

follow the market and do a good job in addition and subtraction (postscript) to remove high-voltage frequency converters are for asynchronous motors. Although the synchronous motor market is broad, it can not solve the technical problems. At present, there are few examples of domestic high-power frequency conversion devices successfully applied to synchronous motors, and all of them are dominated by foreign brands. However, according to the information learned, at present, Hekang Yisheng has basically finished the research and development of synchronous vector converter and chewed down this "hard bone"

while in power

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