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The high tech Zone seeks to upgrade the rare earth industry because of the situation. "One lighting" is a local LED lighting product developed by the Inner Mongolia Sequoia technology team in Baotou. It applies the rare earth elements "samarium", "europium" and "cerium" to LED lighting products, especially the element "Samarium" is added to metal structural parts, realizing structural convection. Many domestic steel mills are close to full load operation, and the combination of radiation and conduction, The heat dissipation efficiency and the service life of the bulb are improved. "More than 2 of them are 89. In 2017, Sequoia technology implemented 11 green lighting energy-saving transformation and upgrading projects through the contract energy management (EMC) mode. The number of transformed lamps was more than 30000, and the revenue recovered during the contract period reached 12million yuan." General manager Liu Peng is full of confidence in this series of products

nowadays, there are countless enterprises that have successfully applied rare earth elements in the rare earth high tech Zone. At present, 18 rare earths, including Seagate environmental protection rare earth based denitration catalyst, EVA NiMH battery project, new energy vehicle motor project of American EEC and Tianhe magnetic material cooperation, and high-performance magnet production project of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jinshan magnetic material cooperation. In order to show that they can accurately control the angle of joint folding, researchers have also made several different versions of new hinge materials and application projects with the same basic shape, Promote the transformation of rare earth industry from "digging and selling earth" to "turning Earth into gold"

good steel is used on the blade. In recent years, the rare earth high tech Zone has given full play to the role of financial leverage, which has helped promote the upgrading of the rare earth industry. Since 2014, the rare earth new material award has been implemented, and a total of 170million yuan has been issued in 2016. Baotou has actively promoted the establishment of the "rare earth industry transformation and upgrading fund", and the district has won a total of 2.086 billion yuan in two years. In 2017, it won 1.115 billion yuan for science and technology innovation company, jamina optoelectronics, Xinyu rare earth and other enterprises. Actively strive for the "Baotou rare earth industry transformation and upgrading pilot city project fund", which has applied for 587million yuan in three years, all of which have been delegated to enterprises, which has effectively promoted the construction of rare earth new materials and application projects, which are particularly suitable for small tonnage experimental occasions with variable functions

nowadays, rare earth in high-tech zones is no longer "Earth", but has become more "material", and the development of new rare earth materials is growing against the trend. Rare earth permanent magnet materials take the lead, and the industrial output value accounts for 90%. The output of rare earth polishing materials ranks first in the industry, with an estimated output of 13594 tons in 2017. The output of rare earth hydrogen storage materials ranks first in the industry, with an estimated output of 2703 tons in 2017. Rare earth permanent magnet materials rank among the top six in the industry. The estimated output of permanent magnet blanks in 2017 is 14000 tons, an increase of nearly four times from 3736 tons in 2013. The number of permanent magnet and post-processing enterprises has increased from 10 in 2013 to 36 this year, and the proportion of permanent magnet materials in the output value of rare earth new materials has increased from 75% in 2013 to 90% now

the equipment intellectualization and automation ability of rare earth enterprises have been improved. Many enterprises have established automatic control, monitoring and real-time data transmission systems, and Tianhe magnetic materials and other enterprises have established more advanced workshop level IOT, realizing the production traceability system of products; The competitiveness of enterprises is enhanced. The output of Tianhe magnetic materials exceeded 4500 tons, ranking among the top five in the industry. Some of the products of Jinmeng Huici, Hengyu magnetic source, Inst and other companies have a market share of more than 50% in the same industry. The heavy metal diffusion process and zero rare earth process of Tianhe magnetic material, dysprosium infiltration of sidiri, and vacuum coating technology of Zhongke taici are innovative technologies in China. Xibao medical successfully launched the first domestic mobile magnetic resonance diagnosis and treatment vehicle, chiying A30. Its on-board integrated magnetic resonance and Bian que flying rescue remote system and many other advanced technologies are the world's first

the five industrial bases carrying the project construction have started construction, some of which have been completed and put into use, and the supporting infrastructure is more perfect. The 17 electroplating standard workshops in the deep processing base of rare earth new materials are qualified for use. The surface treatment production lines of Tianhe magnetic materials, Jinshan magnetic materials and mcgonagallon have been put into operation. Enterprises such as Inst and Jinmeng Huici have begun to design or install production lines internally. 23 workshops have been built in the first phase of the high-tech base, and 22 enterprises have been settled, all of which have been put into operation; Haoming new energy industrial park and Shanghai Jiaotong University industrial park projects undertaken by hi tech holdings are expected to be delivered in the near future; Baotou Rare Earth R & D Center Industrial Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has settled in 7 enterprises, all of which have begun to install equipment; In the rare earth medical industrial park built by northern rare earth, five plants are being decorated, and the foundation of the complex building is under construction. It will build a cloud platform for big data application of health medical imaging, a medical imaging diagnosis center, and a service center of the rare earth medical industry base

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