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Causes and solutions to the longitudinal line fracture problem

(I) the longitudinal line rolling pressure is too high

when the paperboard enters the line pressing wheel for operation, the line pressing wheel rolls the paperboard, causing the inner paper or face paper of the paperboard to break in the corrugated direction. To solve this problem, the operator is required to adjust the pressure of the longitudinal pressing wheel according to the thickness of the paperboard. Under normal circumstances, the physical and mechanical properties of the paperboard are damaged by three layers. The rolling depth of the paperboard should be 2 ~ 3 mm when the pressing wheel is pressed into the paperboard. However, in normal production, the operator should adjust the pressure according to the quality of the base paper, taking non crushing and easy folding as the standard

(II) unreasonable crimping wheel

convex to concave is the most used in paperboard crimping. Because of the different thickness of paper, production environment and paperboard, the structure of the crimping wheel used is also different. The main parameter is that the width of the upper and lower line pressing wheels should be appropriate. At the same time, the ironworks of the line pressing are not optimistic about the later market. The step transition arc of the wheel should be adjusted according to the depth of the line pressing and the applicable paperboard. Generally speaking, the thicker the paperboard is, the wider the pressing width is. For three-layer paperboard, the pressing wheel with circular arc surface can also be used to test the plastic. Therefore, there is no unified structure of the crimping wheel, and the carton factory is required to spend time to find a suitable structure of the crimping wheel according to its actual situation


1 The structure of the crimping wheel is improved. Adjusting the structure of the line pressing wheel can appropriately increase the step transition arc radius of the line pressing wheel

2. Adopt the method of preloading damage, and conduct preloading before formal crimping. Its disadvantage is that it forms obvious pressing marks

3. The quality of base paper is required to be better. For cardboard with higher requirements, surface paper and lining paper with better quality should be used

4. The moisture content of base paper and paperboard should be appropriate. The worse the quality of the base paper is, the drier the paperboard is, and the higher the probability of line breaking

5. Properly control the depth of pressing line. According to the thickness of the processed paperboard, the gap between the upper and lower pressing wheels is controlled, so that the paperboard can be properly pressed

6. Control the alignment of the center line of the upper and lower crimping wheels to prevent the misalignment of the crimping wheels

7. For the cardboard with poor base paper quality, the line touching machine is used to print or save the experimental results

8. If the pressing line is broken due to the drying of the paperboard, the water content of the paperboard can be increased by spraying water

9. The problem of line breaking can also be solved by pressing the line with a stepped preloading wheel

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