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Causes and treatment measures of oil leakage in the reducer of bridge crane

bridge crane is widely used in modern industry and plays an irreplaceable role in the healthy development of enterprises. However, bridge crane brings efficiency, convenience and rapidity in the production process of enterprises. At the same time, due to the unsafe factors of machinery, frequent accidents not only cause pain to the parties and their families, but also bring huge economic losses to the enterprise, whose energy consumption accounts for 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. How to ensure the safe operation of the bridge crane is our top priority

during the use of overhead cranes, oil leakage from the reducer is common. The reducer with serious oil leakage will not only lose a lot of lubricating oil, but also be called an important breakthrough in the field of carbon fiber composites for this technology. The crane itself and the sanitation of the surrounding environment will be adversely affected, and the progress of work will also be affected. What is the reason for the oil leakage of the reducer? How should we prevent and deal with the reducer that has leaked oil

there are three main points of oil leakage in the reducer: first, due to the unreasonable design, such as no ventilation hole or the ventilation hole is too small, the internal pressure and external pressure of the reducer cannot be balanced, resulting in the leakage of lubricating oil; Because the oil pool of the reducer of the trolley running mechanism is composed of upper and lower boxes, the connecting surface of the two boxes is not tightly sealed and easy to leak oil due to long-term operation. Second, the manufacturing design cannot meet the requirements, and the accuracy of the box joint surface is not enough, resulting in loose sealing and oil leakage. Third, improper use and maintenance caused many blockages, resulting in too high internal pressure, too much oil, and too high oil level; The connecting bolts are loose, so that the joint surface of the two boxes is not tight

in order to prevent oil leakage of the reducer, the design should be improved, and ventilation devices should be added on the observation hole cover and oil filler hole cover of the reducer to ensure that the pressure inside and outside the box is balanced and the air flow is smooth; Improve the machining accuracy of the joint surfaces and mating surfaces of the two boxes to prevent box deformation; In addition, it is also necessary to do a good job of maintenance, regularly check and dredge the breather of the reducer, the oil volume is appropriate, overhaul the split surface of the box, and replace it if the deformation is serious, which is meaningless and uneconomical; Clean the oil return tank and tighten the bolts

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