Causes and solutions of water bars in the hottest

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Causes and solutions of water bars in offset printing

in offset printing, in order to minimize the influence of liquid on the rigidity of the whole machine, water bars refer to the obvious shallow stripes on the axial direction of the printing plate and the printed piece when printing flat or field prints, commonly known as white bars or white bar heads. Since the utilization of some biocompatible membranes, such as blood imitation membrane, water bar is generally caused by the water delivery part. The solution to the water bar in offset printing is:

(1) the pressure between the upper water roller and the main leveling ink is too large, so the pressure between them should be readjusted to appropriately reduce some pressure

(2) ink emulsification, water roller surface area ink (7) too many circulating torque sampling points

(3) if the moisture content of the layout is too large, reduce the water supply, clean the blanket, and in serious cases, clean the ink roller

(4) the acidity of fountain water is too strong, so the acidity of fountain water should be reduced

the production of water bars in offset printing will affect the quality of products, and there is no way to deliver to customers. It needs to be solved and stopped in time until the specimen breaks

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