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The causes and solutions of electric energy meter creep

Abstract: the phenomenon of electric energy meter creep in operation is often seen, and it is also more complex, and its causes are various. After careful on-site investigation, analysis and testing, the author found some reasons for the creeping of the electric energy meter

key words: electric energy meter undercutting electromagnetic clutch failure undercutting test Untitled Document in operation, electric energy meter undercutting is often seen in the main construction of this building, which takes about 180 workers about 6 months to complete. It is also relatively complex, and its reasons are various. After careful investigation, analysis and testing on site, it is found that there are roughly five reasons for the latent movement of the electric energy meter: (1) there are slight loads, such as the longitudinal load and transverse load requirements borne by the indicator light on the distribution board and the light switch lock:, line load quantifiers, voltage transformers, transformer market cooperation force, further modified plastic lifters, no-load operation of electric welding machines, and low power factor. (2) The creep test is unqualified. Generally, the positive and negative errors of electric energy meters under light load are too large. (3) The electric energy meter is not wired according to the positive phase sequence power supply. (4) The three-phase voltage is seriously unbalanced. (5) The current transformer is short circuited between turns or has leakage, the line insulation is damaged, and the current coil of the electric energy meter is burned. According to the above fault causes, the following measures should be taken: (1) if there is a slight load causing the creep, find out the exact cause of the creep and explain the situation to the user patiently. (2) According to the verification regulation of electric energy meter, the error of light load generally should not exceed the error. (3) Before installing the watt hour meter, be sure to measure the phase sequence on site and connect the power supply according to the positive phase sequence. (4) Assist users to adjust the electrical load, so as to achieve the relative balance of three-phase current and voltage. (5) If the electric energy meter creeps due to the fault, find the cause of the fault in time, and check the electric energy meter, transformer, modified wiring, burned electrical appliances, etc

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