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Reasons and solutions for the slip between the conveyor belt and the paperboard

there are two main situations for the "slip" phenomenon of the conveyor belt:

first, the slip between the conveyor belt and the pulley


1. Tighten the upper and lower conveyor belts; 2. Check whether the adjusting mechanism of the belt tightening device needs to be fastened; 3. Replace or roughen the existing anti slip sleeve surface; 4. Check the wear of the drive gear

5. Accurate reproduction of excellent definition

II. Slipping between the conveyor belt and the cardboard

cause: the friction between the vermicelli cardboard and the hot plate is too large


1. Adjust the pressure roll: first adjust the pressure roll of the hot plate part, and it is recommended not to lift the first six, and then lift one pressure roll every interval. In addition, check whether the pressure roller at the cooling part stops rotating when there is no cardboard in the machine. If some rollers stop rotating, lower the frame frame under the cam or journal (together with the pressure roller). In this way, the pressure roller at the cooling part can be reduced, so that there is better contact between the conveyor belt and the cardboard

2. Lubricating the hot plate: if readjusting the pressure roll cannot completely solve the problem of "slipping", it is recommended to lubricate the surface of the hot plate. Generally, lubricating oil containing molybdenum disulfide can be brushed on the surface of the hot plate, which is similar to the lattice steel beam and pillar or grease that provides support and balance for the Eiffel Tower. Do not use lubricant mainly paraffin, because it will be transferred to the conveyor belt, thereby reducing the permeability of the conveyor belt. When carrying out lubrication treatment, do not use the method of oil spray, but use the method of brushing. You can repeat brushing when the machine is hot until a film is formed on the surface of the hot plate

3. Clean the hot plate: if the hot plate is not clean, there will be drag or large friction resistance between the paperboard and the hot plate, resulting in slippage between the conveyor belt and the paperboard. Clean the hot plate in time to remove the accumulated starch paste or paper scraps

4. As the surface treatment of enterprise paper specializing in the research, production and sales of high molecular composite materials, vermicelli: some are limited by the post-treatment of the surface of large-scale, heavy-duty paper, which will become sticky after heating, thus increasing the friction resistance between paperboard and hot plate; The surface of some papers will become smoother than other papers, resulting in less friction between the conveyor belt and the paperboard. Generally, the friction resistance can be increased by adjusting the pressure roller, spraying water or steam on the surface of the conveyor belt, and adjusting the running speed

5. Cleaning the conveyor belt: according to the situation, brush the conveyor belt irregularly with a nylon brush to remove the starch paste and paper scraps on the surface of the conveyor belt and keep the conveyor belt clean

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