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There is only one difference between Tesla luxury car and you. The accuracy of Tesla luxury car is ± 0.3%. There is only one difference between Tesla luxury car and you. There is only one difference between Tesla luxury car and you, The team of Xinye lubricating grease has grown from five people at the beginning of its establishment to vigorous development and gradually expanded to more than 200 people. The sales performance has achieved from tens of thousands of yuan to a breakthrough of 2.5 in the first eight months of 2019. The team in Seattle has a total sales scale of 6 people and 100 million yuan. The market coverage has realized the rapid expansion from Puyang to the whole country, and then to overseas. It has become one of the intermediate forces in the current lubricating grease industry and the main force in the industry

Mr. Zhang Youyun, chairman of Xinye lubricating oil

ideals and beliefs are the soul of brand development. It can be said that from the day of its birth, Xinye lubricating oil has silently undertaken the burden of revitalizing the Central Plains lubricating oil industry. After 10950 days and nights, Xinye lubricating oil has created phenomenal products in the lubricating oil industry and created remarkable achievements

through the perfect evaluation and incentive system, manager Wu worked hard in Dongguan office, and his personal performance exceeded 72 million in three years, rising rapidly by 1 million; A Tesla Model x luxury car worth more than 800000 yuan was awarded in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the company

Zhang, head of Xinye Technology Department, led the technical backbones to study technology research and development, constantly seek new methods and ideas, optimize the formula, and successfully developed 100000 km long mileage ck-4 of molybdenum nitride technology and more than 5500 hours of long hydraulic oil, which directly generated a benefit of 10000 for 60 enterprises gradually developing the layout of Yucheng industrial chain, and a new energy electric vehicle from BYD was specially awarded

the new 30 years, new journey and new breakthrough. For the future, Xinye lubricating oil will start again with a zero mentality and invest in the new journey with entrepreneurial passion. Let's look forward to the birth of the next star in the lubricating oil industry

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