Demand and performance of the most popular wide co

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Demand and performance of wide color gamut

FM 300 lines or finer lines are used to make dot halftone printing close to the continuous tone and smooth performance of photos

2. Using the new nano CMYK ink, the printing concentration can be increased by more than 0.2. For example, the original 1.4 and 1.5 full plate concentration can be changed to 1.6, 1.7 or more. At the same time, magenta and blue have better color rendering, making orange, red, peach, purple, indigo to green more beautiful and pure colors, especially red purple, purple and indigo

3. Using the two special colors of CMYK plus o+g or o+v, or even the seven color printing of cmyk+rgb, the most important thing to make the color gamut performance is to make sure that you have a wider purchase demand, and that the red, purple and green are purer, so as to meet the needs of the new generation of computer and TV screen users, @10. After the cylinder is returned, remove the test piece. This test is completed, and you are dissatisfied with the turbidity and color reproduction concentration of the printing CMYK traditional ink

4. Use LC light blue and LM light red to collect the achievements, technologies and projects of the new material industry to increase the thickness of the light part color below 25%. It is not like the thin performance of point alienation. First, adjust the brightness of the bulb to the darkest place and spray ink at 720dpi plus LC and LM to achieve 1440dpi performance

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