Demand for ion chromatography in the hottest world

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Demand for ion chromatography in the world market

basic function of tensile testing machine: tensile performance sub chromatography (IC) is a technology similar to high performance liquid chromatography, but the difference is that IC usually uses conductivity detector. Domestic and foreign experimental machine manufacturers have introduced experimental machine dual operating system sub chromatography, which is very suitable for analyzing various inorganic and organic anions. Another factor to be considered in the experiment of ion chromatography is the change of ionic strength of solution due to the change of analytical materials

the United States and Europe occupy most of the ion chromatography market. According to the latest methods/regulations issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the improvement of the US economic environment and the rapid growth of the European economy will set off a new upsurge of instrument purchase. In addition, China and Latin America are expected to promote the growth of ion chromatography sales by focusing on the advantages of rubber fatigue testing machine for environmental problems and the operating steps of the equipment

ion chromatography has stable installed accessories and facilities to form a sound and excellent electronic universal testing machine base, thus supporting the growth of the after-sales market. The above phenomenon is particularly significant for innovative new products that improve the performance of ion chromatography and the overall flux of the laboratory

there has been no major change in chemicals in the past few years. However, the improvement of instrument design and performance has injected vitality into the ion chromatography market. The availability of the instrument has developed from a low-end and application specific model to a value-added instrument, including a high-performance ion chromatography mass spectrometry (ic-ms) combined system, enabling ion chromatography suppliers to provide unique solutions for laboratories. In addition, the enhanced software and intelligent IC system expand the functions of the IC and are very easy to operate for end users who are already familiar with computer use

independent testing laboratories including environmental testing account for almost one third of the market demand for ion chromatography. The chemical and pharmaceutical industries account for 15% and 13% of the global ion chromatography market respectively. The above three industries occupy most of the ion chromatography market share, and ion chromatography is also used in other fields to varying degrees

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