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Demand for corrugated boxes and printing

with the development of the commodity market, the demand for corrugated boxes is increasing year by year. National carton sales 199 "Improve the utilization level of new materials from 8billion square meters in six years to 125 billion square meters in 2000. According to the preliminary statistics in 2002, it reached 20billion square meters, an increase of 71.5 times in six years.

due to the improvement of people's consumption level and the further development of the retail market, it is estimated that China's annual consumption of paper and paperboard will reach 50million tons by 2005, including 15million tons of corrugated paperboard flexible rope used to support sensors. According to the estimation of relevant experts, there will be nearly 100 tons by 2005 There is a gap of 10000 tons, so the import volume of high-strength corrugated base paper will continue to grow in the near future. According to the market demand, it is a major trend for domestic high-strength corrugated base paper to develop in the direction of low weight, high strength and full specification. The demand for medium and high strength corrugated base paper is large, and the price of corrugated base paper will rise. At present, reducing the cost and reducing the quantity are the two main themes of the development of corrugated base paper. In recent years, there have been F, N and G-type corrugations in the market. The height is much lower than that of traditional corrugations. Such cardboard must use low quantity corrugated base paper. At present, there are 90~l15g/M corrugated base paper, and it is expected that 60~90g/m2 corrugated base paper will be produced in the future. Therefore, the quantity of corrugated board has also been reduced from the original 1000 ~ 1100g/m2 to the current 600g/m2. In some countries, the corrugated board is only 500g/m2. At present, the corrugated board produced in China is generally high quantitative, which wastes a lot of resources, and has to import a considerable amount of high-strength corrugated base paper every year

with the continuous development of society and the improvement of consumption level, the printing of corrugated boxes must gradually develop towards the direction of high-grade, high-quality, multi-color and strong visual effect. The direction is color multi-color dot printing, that is, the commodity packaging replaces the transportation packaging, and the white board ox card replaces the board with a better soft hardness range, soft touch and lower anti shrinkage skew ox card, so as to achieve bright colors, good gloss Beautiful effect. In order to achieve the above effects, higher requirements are put forward for plate making and printing ink. Flexible plate must be used to replace rubber plate for plate making of medium and high-grade carton printing. Although the cost is high, the printing effect is very ideal. High quality water-based ink must also be used to achieve gloss, bright color, fast drying, and adapt to high speed and high efficiency

in addition to plate making and printing ink, it also puts forward higher requirements for water-based printing slotting machine, which must be high-speed, accurate color registration, and the error is plus or minus 0.5mm. China's printing slotting machines have made great progress and improvement in recent years. The water-based printing slotting machines produced by Shanghai Dinglong and Guangdong Dongfang have reached a more advanced level and are sold well at home and abroad. The printing quality is an important aspect to improve the quality of the whole carton. If the die-cutting process is used for trimming, slotting, crimping and corner cutting, it will be neat, smooth and beautiful

with the strengthening of the whole society's awareness of environmental protection, there will be a lot of room for the development of green paper packaging. The corrugated box industry should broaden the service objects of its products

1. the traditional service objects of corrugated box packaging are outer packaging and transportation packaging. In the future, we should actively develop new products, such as micro fine corrugated box, supermarket goods, honeycomb paperboard, etc., from both breadth and depth

2. corrugated box packaging should also be actively developed to sales packaging. With the development of the market with different prices of commercial experimental machines, corrugated boxes not only have the function of packaging, but also have the function of advertising. The carton industry should continue to explore its potential functions

3. Kraft linerboard transport packaging will gradually be replaced by the carton printed on the color surface of the white kraft card to realize the integration of internal and external packaging goods. The carton industry should determine the response strategy as soon as possible

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