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Benefiting from scientific and technological innovation, Delixi Group's electrical business grew strongly against the trend

affected by the macroeconomic downturn, the growth of the electrical equipment market has slowed down significantly in the past two years, but our market performance is still strong. The head of Delixi Electric said to yesterday. It is reported that the electric business of Delixi Group has maintained the momentum of going hand in hand in both domestic and foreign markets, and the growth rate of overseas markets has exceeded 50%

such brilliant achievements are directly related to the industrial chain layout vigorously promoted by Delixi in recent years. At present, Delixi has built a complete high, medium and low voltage transmission, distribution and transformation electrical industry chain and industrial automation control electrical industry chain, with advanced production lines and high, medium and low voltage electrical technology. Its three subsidiaries in the electrical section are: Delixi Electric Co., Ltd., a Sino French joint venture jointly established by the group and Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert; Focus on power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing Shanghai Delixi Group; And Hangzhou Delixi Group, known as the group's high-tech core industrial base

in addition, these bases ensure that Delixi can meet the needs of various orders. Delixi Group is also constantly optimizing the layout of industrial bases. In addition to continuing to expand the electrical bases in Wenzhou and Shanghai, it has also established production bases in Wuhu and Ningbo. At present, Wuhu production base with a total investment of 3billion yuan has started construction, and the first phase of the project is expected to be completed in 2015; In September, Delixi Hangzhou Industrial Park, with a construction area of nearly 90000 square meters, was opened and put into use

at the Shanghai international power equipment and technology exhibition opened at the end of October, Delixi Group made its first collective appearance with three major electrical manufacturing bases (Delixi Electric Co., Ltd., Shanghai Delixi Group and Hangzhou Delixi Group), comprehensively displaying the complete electrical industry chain and the latest scientific research products of Delixi in the past two years

industry analysts believe that under the severe situation of the entire power industry, Delixi Group's gradual growth against the trend benefits from its long-term scientific and technological innovation in addition to its perfect industrial chain layout. It is understood that in terms of product research and development, Delixi invests in scientific and technological research and development at the rate of 3% of sales every year, and has built a research and development team with nearly 1000 people. The technology center has been recognized as a national enterprise technology center, and has won the national science and Technology Progress Award three times. The total number of patents has reached more than 400 items, which can easily and accurately set the distance between the two rollers, which is valuable among private enterprises

Mr. huchengzhong, chairman of the board of directors of the group, said: the development and expansion of the electrical manufacturing sector is the epitome of the breakthrough development of Delixi Group in the past 30 years. As one of the core sections of the group, Delixi has continuously made scientific and technological innovation in the field of electrical manufacturing, insisted on creating a brand by quality, and continuously provided customers with high-quality products and services through the excellent performance model of the type II sample in Figure 31. In particular, it has participated in the Shenzhou manned space project, the Chang'e lunar exploration project and the Beidou satellite navigation system, and has become a designated brand-name product of China's manned space launch site, The success of manned spaceflight has jointly shaped the Chinese dream

it is reported that after 30 years of development, Delixi Electric products have played an important role in more than a dozen major national engineering projects, such as national defense, aerospace, aviation, electric power, construction, metallurgy, transportation, petrochemical industry, and have been successfully applied to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Xichang Satellite Launch center, Qinshan nuclear power station, Baosteel Group, Qinghai Tibet railway, Daqing oil field, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel and other key projects

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