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From September 3 to 5, during the Asia Europe Expo, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region held the 9th Silk Road mayors' Forum and the 2014 Silk Road Economic Belt cities cooperation and development forum, and invited delegations from 50 foreign cities and 23 domestic cities to participate in the forum. At 11 a.m. on September 5, a delegation of nearly 300 forum participants came to Sany Northwest Industrial Park for a field visit. Several positive signals have emerged in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. Under the leadership of Gaofeng, vice mayor of Urumqi, and songyajun, the visiting group is divided into two groups: domestic visiting group and foreign visiting group. Accompanied by xudaoming, director of the general office of Sany northwest heavy industry, Visited Sany Northwest Industrial Park, where PU materials were developed to create a wide range of properties, and learned about the current development and needs of Sany northwest heavy industries.

when they learned that the production line had completed the mass production of LNG mixer trucks and participated in the Asian Expo, representatives at home and abroad fully affirmed the technical strength of Sany northwest heavy industries. In front of the "Silk Road dream" publicity exhibition board of Sany northwest atrium corporate culture, Many Central Asian businessmen and government representatives showed great interest. They asked in detail about the market layout and product sales of Sany Northwest Central Asia region, and placed high hopes on the development of Sany northwest heavy industry in the five northwest provinces and Central Asia region

the relevant person in charge said that at this Asia Europe Expo, Sany's participating equipment left a deep impression on domestic and foreign merchants. This visit once again improved Sany's brand image and expanded Sany northwest heavy industry's enterprise influence

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