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In the new year, Delta's new products are launched one after another -- a record of delta's new product release and sales experience exchange meeting in Ningbo

Ningbo is a famous port city with functions and characteristics of digital display spring testing machine in China, and also an important economic center city and heavy chemical industry base in the south of the Yangtze River Delta. It has great development potential. After several years of efforts, Zhongda Diantong Co., Ltd. has cooperated with local dealers and achieved remarkable results in Ningbo. With excellent quality and perfect service, delta products have won good market reputation and market influence. Delta products have been widely used in the food machinery industry, elevator accessories industry, pharmaceutical packaging industry, industrial assembly line, textile machinery, punch industry, CNC machine tool industry, plastic machine industry, treadmill industry and other fields in Ningbo

recently, Zhongda Diantong Hangzhou branch held a "Delta Electromechanical new product release and sales experience exchange meeting" in Ningbo. The main participants of this exchange meeting were Zhongda Diantong and its dealers in Ningbo. The whole meeting was held in a passionate atmosphere. At the meeting, Huang Xun, manager of Hangzhou branch, delivered a thank-you speech. Many engineers of Zhongda Diantong introduced the popular products in the market and Delta's new products to be launched in 2007, while suppliers and dealers exchanged their sales experience with each other. Finally, we shared the successful cases of delta products in various industries

delta recommends new products one by one

as the largest industrial control center in the world, it not only provides you with high-quality laboratory equipment brands, but delta group has always been market-oriented and spared no effort in the research and development of new products. Recently, Delta has launched a series of new products of frequency converter, PLC, man-machine interface, temperature control, servo and numerical control

at the meeting site, the engineers of Zhongda Diantong made detailed introductions one by one. In the new year, Chinese users will have the opportunity to use the following Delta new products to experience the unprecedented superior performance brought by the new products

● new programmable controller products: SV new model, dvp32eh00m, dvp40eh, dvp32hn00r, dvp16hp11r/t, dvp-s series digital expansion module, eh model, dvp-f2fr function card, dvpdt01-s communication module, dvp06ad module, dvppf01-s communication module, etc

● new products of frequency converter: vfd-e series, vfd-ve series, special frequency converter for gantry crane, flat panel frequency converter, high-power model added to F series, vfd-bh Version (the highest frequency of the original B series is increased to 2000Hz), etc

● new man-machine interface products: dop-ae series, dop-as38bstd, dop-ae94bstd, man-machine peripheral products, etc

● new servo and CNC Products: asda-b series, new CNC color screen products, introduction of Danaher new products, etc

● new instrument products: counter, timer, tachometer, encoder, etc

intimate contact between partners

dealers have always been regarded as an indispensable partner by ZTE. For a long time, the two sides have been working together for the common cause and goal. The rapid development of Delta Electromechanical Products in recent years has benefited from the strong support of dealers. Therefore, Zhongda Diantong attaches great importance to the sharing and exchange of sales experience between the two sides

in this link, both parties speak freely, share their own experiences in marketing, and take the issues most concerned by customers as the focus of communication at the meeting; In addition, "how to gain the trust of customers" and "achieve the success of sales activities" are also the themes of sharing; The main thread of the discussion is "how to publicize the features of delta products and the advantages of services to customers, and successfully provide customers with a stable, reliable, economical and practical set of solutions"

through this exchange meeting, the dealers not only obtained the new product information of delta electromechanical products, but also strengthened the cooperation confidence of suppliers and agents, so as to better develop the target market and further enhance the market influence and share of Delta Electromechanical Products in 2007. With the high-tech content of products and Delta's consistent high-quality service level, it is believed that these Delta new products will soon become the main force in the industrial control market in 2007

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