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Ganzhou international dry port throughput reached 186000 TEUs

release date: Source: China wood industry information

on January 4, it was learned from Ganzhou train depot of China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. that although it was impacted by the COVID-19 in 2020, Ganzhou international dry port throughput achieved a counter trend growth: 238 China Europe (Asia) trains were operated throughout the year, There are 1553 railway sea combined transport "three same" trains. Therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot spot in the future. The port throughput (railway port standard containers) will reach 186000 standard containers. Compared with the throughput of 178000 TEUs in 2019, the throughput increased by 8000 TEUs

at 15:00 on January 3, accompanied by the long whistle, a train loaded with lamps, 3C injection molded product surface highlights, bright products, daily necessities and other hundreds of categories of products set out from Ganzhou international dry port to Duisburg, Germany. This is the first China Europe train from Ganzhou international dry port in 2021. At the beginning of the new year, the first China Europe train was successfully launched, which shows that the operation of Ganzhou international dry port is showing a strong development trend

since it was completed and put into operation in May 2016, Ganzhou international dry port, as the eighth inland open port in China, the first inland regulatory pilot zone, and the only inland direct port for imported timber in China, has successively opened up four major national gates and coastal port groups along the border, and has regularly operated 19 China Europe (Asia) trains, 4 rail sea intermodal trains and 19 domestic trade trains, with the operating lines radiating more than 50% of the global area. However, a sudden outbreak in 2020 has caused a great impact on Ganzhou international dry port. After the resumption of work and production in April, the port focused on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and foreign trade on the other hand. It made full use of the advantages of China Europe trains and the international logistics channel of rail sea combined transport, so that all businesses embarked on the fast lane, contracted greatly, and finally realized the counter trend growth of throughput

this year, Ganzhou international dry port will seize the great historical opportunity of building Jiangxi inland open economic test zone, Ganzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zone and national logistics hub, introduce first-class management technology, benchmark domestic first-class ports, and build the core automobile suspension torsion bar spring fatigue testing machine of Jiangxi port system. The normal maintenance of torsion bar spring type automobile suspension plays a very important role in the service life of the machine Leading in transmission and buffering, it has created a "Ganzhou model" for the construction of Jiangxi inland open economic experimental zone

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